We would like to bring your attention to one of our current needs. On Feburary 10th we are having another euthanasia clinic. There are a lot of people signing up, and we would like to be able to provide free euthanasia for 7 horse owners who cannot afford the low cost option. Our goal is $875, and currently we have $125 in the euthanasia clinic fund. Thank you in advance for your support! For more information, click here.

There is great news for the horses! This has been long waited for, and it will make it much harder for those that flock to auctions and scour Craigslist, looking for dollars on hooves, to make it rich. On July 31st, Canada will no longer be accepting horses for slaughter for human consumption without a certificate stating that the horse has not had medication or been sick for the previous 6 months, they have to provide picture and document brands and tattoos, along with all descriptions and we understand that Canada will be testing the meat to make sure there is compliance. Basically, it will shut down shipping horses from the USA to Canada for high priced slaughter.
Killer Buyers are going to have to get another job. In all the experiences we have had with killer buyers, they get the horse, they ship it out, and they know nothing about the horse. They don’t want to know either. Feedlots are a cesspool of injury and illness for horses. It will be really interesting to see how many auctions stop selling horses once this takes place. Mexico, from what we understand, will still be accepting horses, but they are also under regulation from the European Union for exported horse meat, and as such, will probably stop accepting horses in mass this year too. In the meantime, let’s keep pushing on closing our borders and making people responsible for their own horses! If you can’t afford it for life, don’t breed it. If you would like to see Canada’s document, click here.

So, you voted on the age of the camera right? Most of you thought the camera was 2-5 years old. The crazy fact is…

This poor camera was purchased brand new in April of 2009, making it about 9 months old. It has definitely taken a lot of pictures that you all have enjoyed and is now dead. Thankfully it has an accident warranty and should be replaced for free very soon. In the meantime we have been using our backup camera’s.

Ethan and August are now cute little geldings. They will be coming back to the rescue and will soon be ready for their forever home.

We’ve had some nice weather here, and everything is drying out. Everything except for the round pen. It has it’s water issues, it’s nice slurpy sand.

Tacoma’s potential adopter came out to spend some time with him today. She really liked him, but wants to think about it and make sure it will be the best possible match for both of them. He is a gorgeous boy, and we are hoping that soon he will have a forever home.

One of the visitors today brought out a special pet that Linda fell in love with. We think it’s the first time a Parrot has ever come to the rescue as a visitor.

The Parrot talked very well, and it must told them to stop at Tractor Supply and buy lots of horse cookies. Thanks so much, we always enjoy getting horse cookies for the horses.

Some previous adopters are wanting to increase their family size and came out to see who is available for adoption. They didn’t find that perfect match today, but said they will be keeping their eyes open.

A truck pulled out, two ladies got out, reached in the back of their truck and pulled out two giant bags of horse cookies. Wow, the horses will really be happy for awhile now! Horse cookies are a better choice for bringing to the rescued horses than carrots. Last summer Tawnee recalls the day when a combination of visitors brought over 150 lbs of carrots in 1 day. With no refrigeration for that many carrots, it was carrots everywhere until they were all fed. If you must bring carrots, please bring a small bag that you know you are able to feed.

Linda took Strider for a ride today. He is a really gorgeous boy and is in adoption pending.

After the visitors had left and the horses had all been tended too, Jason and Tawnee headed out. One of our previously adopted horses was no longer able to stay in his adoptive family due to the economy. They spent 4 hours trying to load him into their trailer, but he refused. They called up and asked for us to come pick him up.

On the way down Tawnee couldn’t help but notice all the clouds that are coming in. More rain?

Sure enough, Jake wasn’t very keen about getting into a trailer. He was a little tricky, but by far was not the hardest horse Jason and Tawnee have ever loaded. He just needs some training and practice, knowing that it will be OK.

Within 20 minutes Jake was smiling backwards from
inside the trailer. He kind of had the look of “How did they get me in here?” Poor guy, we’re sorry you have to come back to the rescue, but we will do our very best to find you a new loving home. Jake is a 10 year old Warmblood. He is nicely trained to ride. His previous adopters said the only thing wrong with him is he does not like loading into a trailer. He would be very happy in a home where he never had to go anywhere. He is a really sweet boy.

After Jake was loaded it was a quick stop in at Tractor Supply to get some needed items for the rescue.

Also to pick up the funds from the donation can. We would like to say “Thank you!” to each and every one of you who puts a dollar, or even $5, into the donation can at Yuba City Tractor Supply. We really appreciate it!

Then it was the uneventful drive back to the rescue and to get Jake settled in for the night.

If you hadn’t discovered it yet, after attending the protest, Jason was inspired to do what he can for the Mustangs. With the encouragement of his friend Chris, Jason has launched a campaign to make BLM stop needlessly rounding up the wild Mustangs. The campaign is called “Stop BLM.” Jason and Chris came up with the name and logo. The domains have been taken out, StopBLM.org and StopBLM.com and the website should be up this week. Jason also put up the StopBLM Facebook page. There are already almost 100 fans, and it hasn’t been publicized. Let’s all work together to stop the BLM! Click here and become a fan.

To help fund this new campaign, a new shop has been launched at Cafepress. You can buy all kinds of neat items with the Stop BLM logo. Click here to see all the wonderful items for sale and support this campaign. Anyone donations to NorCal must be marked “Stop BLM” in order for rescue funds to be used to fund this campaign. You donations are tax deductible to this campaign.

The 10kt white gold diamond tennis bracelet is still at $256.51 with only 2 days left to go. It has been appraised at $650, so come on folks, you could probably pawn it off for more than that! Click here.

We would like to share the exciting news that we have been working hard on developing a branch facility in Loomis. We held a temporary shelter there after the Roseville auction closed for horse owners who were not expecting the auction to close. Today was the first official rescue in Loomis. 3 horses came in to the temporary shelter, one of which is in its 30’s and we are told has long hooves and looks to be in pain. The other are two TB’s that raced on the track, when they were done racing, they were pony horses and now since they are no longer needed, they made their way to NorCal Equine Rescue of Loomis. We are planning on transporting the horses to our Oroville facility very soon. We must determine the quality of life for the old guy, as it may not be humane to transport him. We are very excited to announce this, and are still working on a more permanent facility in Loomis. We’re franchising!!!

On a side note, you probably noticed that the Rescue Story came a day late. The internet quick working Friday afternoon and didn’t start working for some time. We apologize! We did get a lot of happy feedback about Gopher the Pig story. One email in particular caught our eye. It read: “I’m disgusted that you would use our good faith donations to save a PIG! Pigs are vile, cursed animals, unfit for any purpose. It is entirely unsuitable to myself and my family you would use our money that way.” This is our reply: “This occurred back in 2004. At that time NorCal was being ran almost entirely by Jason and Tawnee’s private funding. We had an agreement with the local Animal Control (Plumas County) to help on all large animal cases, including pigs, cows, sheep, goats, anything that was not a dog or a cat, as ‘Animal Control’ only responded to dog/cat calls. Any animal that needs help, we do our best to help! NorCal Equine Rescue is an animal welfare organization that primarily helps members of the equine family.”

We would like to thank each and every one of you that supported us both financially and emotionally this weekend! Anonymous and Donna A both donated to help fund the rescue. You can see your name here, just click.

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