Thanks to your generosity, the February euthanasia Hardship Fund is currently at $290 out of the goal of $875. There is only $585 left to go! There are a lot of people signed up, they are at the end of their ropes, so to speak, and they have no other options. If an adoptable horse comes to the clinic, it is brought into the adoption program and the hardship fund is used to help care for them. Please donate, click here.

This morning was spent moving horses around and settled them into their temporary housing. When the truck pulled into the rescue late last night (or was it early this morning?) the horses were put in the closest, safe housing possible.

These two, Irish and Odie, are the ones that Jason and Tawnee went 4 wheeling to get. They are under weight and need some TLC. They are right about 21 years old. They are both trained to ride, and will be evaluated very soon. They have been together for 18 years, and they would love to stay together if possible.

The off the track TB’s spent the night in the round pen. They are two beautiful boys, but Jazz seems to be a little accident prone. At the Loomis facility he managed to break down some boards and get a scrape under his neck, it wasn’t too serious at all. Now…

…he has managed to get a little gash on his forehead. We hope he is done with the bad chain of luck.

Regardless, Tawnee had to put her camera away. She wanted to take a lot of pictures of all the horses that came in yesterday. Jazz needed to go get checked out by the vet to make sure he was fine, so Tawnee loaded him up and headed off.

The drive to the vet was beautiful with big fluffy clouds.

Jazz was examined and it was decided that stitches were in order so that he’ll heal up just fine.

He was led into the hospital for his stitches.

He was soon in la-la land and Dr Weaver got to work. First of all the area had to be shaved and cleaned. Then the stitches were sewn in and he’s all better.

He’s not too happy about his hairstyle, he says it makes him look like a white puppy with a black patch around its eye. He’s afraid he’ll get the nickname “Patch.”

Baby is still doing great at the vet. She was scheduled to go home today, but due to her pen not being perfect for her yet, she is still waiting. The contractors building her pen were delayed due to the weather. Her adopter is taking on her vet bills from here on out, we would like to thank her for doing that.

Jazz was finally ready to head back to the rescue. He was a good boy and loaded right up.

Once Jazz was loaded it was time for Ethan and August to be loaded into the trailer. Their brain surgery went quite well and they are now no longer suffering from testosterone poisoning. On a funny side note, we had a lady come out to the rescue who just couldn’t figure out why the colts needed a brain surgery. Please know that when we refer to brain surgery, we are referring to colts being gelded (neutered.) She got a good laugh out of it when she realized what we were talking about.

The boys are doing good and are learning to lead nicely. They needed a little persuasion to get into the trailer. It’s a great big world for them, a big world they are ready to share with a loving family.

Then it was the short trip back to the rescue. Believe it or not, the little town of Oroville does get rush hour traffic. Tawnee managed to find herself in the middle of the rush hour and slowly made it back to the rescue.

At the rescue, Ethan and Emma were excited to be reunited. They are half brother/sister and they could be mistaken for twins.

Smokey and Jazz were also happy to be reunited as well. A happy ending to a beautiful day.

Tonights featured Ebay Giving Works item is a beautiful oil painting of an Arabian horse trotting. Gorgeous! Click here.

We would like to thank all of those that bid on the Bracelet, the final bid price was $355! That will feed a lot of rescued horses for quite some time. We would like to thank the wonderful lady who donated the bracelet too. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

We would also like to thank the horse hero’s who donated over the last couple days. Sally H., IBM, Sheri B., Pamela N., Patricia M., James G., Cindy M., Laura P., Laura D., Sara H., Victoria Z., Cindy R., Gail G. all donated. Thank you so much, you can
pat yourself on the back, you are the horses heroes!

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