A huge “Thank you!” to everyone that donated today, thanks to your generosity the euthanasia clinic hardship fund is at $640 out of our goal of $875. There is only $235 left to go, we can do it!

Today was a major pen moving day. This winter our mud strategy has been “When the pen is muddy, move the pen.” Well, the pens were muddy, so it was time to move the pens. This nice clean section of grass and trees was just waiting for the horses to move in.

Jason and Alex started taking apart the old pens. The horses looked at them, curious what was going on. This was the second time they have been moved, so they should have known what was happening, but they pretended to be ignorant.

Then the panels were loaded onto the absolutely wonderful Hay Wagon that your generosity made possible. The last time we moved the panels, we had to tie a rope around the panels to the 4 wheeler and drag them along the ground. This is a much better way to move panels.

Jason was a timber stand improvement technician in his younger days, and as such has a firm grasp on woodland management and how to run a chainsaw. This little bush needed to come out so a horse couldn’t potentially hurt himself on it.
Soon the pens were assembled in their new location and the horses were enjoying the yummy green grass and firm ground to stand on.

It was getting dark and the rain started to fall, forcing Jason (Alex had left at 4:30 to tend to chores at home) to call it a day. Over half of the pens were moved today, and Jason is confident he can move the other half tomorrow.

Today’s Ebay Giving works item is a Mary Kay Fragrance Gift Set. It it currently at $1.30, and 10% of the selling price is donated to the rescue. So far $542.20 has been raised through Ebay Giving Works for us! What a huge blessing that is. To view this Ebay listing, click here.

Thank you to all of the horse heroes who donated today: Ann P. – Molly K. – Taryn M. – Barbara B. – Pat B. all donated to help the rescue today. Thank you!

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