We would like to thank Cindy M for filling the Euthanasia Clinic thermometer, and for also donating a very generous gift to the Auction rescue fund! She left only $255 left to go! We are planning on an auction rescue soon, if you feel called to help a horse in need at a livestock auction, please donate. Click here.

This morning a great group of volunteers came together to get a lot done today. The to-do list had a bunch of huge jobs on it, but they came with their sleeves rolled up, eager to get the jobs done. Most of the volunteers that came out today were regulars, but they had recruited another pair of willing hands to help out.

The Hay Wagon has been a huge blessing for all the staff and volunteers at the rescue. It makes everyones life a lot easier, and the jobs get done a lot quicker.

Linda evaluated Snowlake. She seems that she has been sitting around for awhile and could use a refresher course. She has some trust issues, but is willing to trust again if someone is willing to open their heart to her.

The middle of the round pen is semi-dry, but the rest of it is pretty much a lake. It makes evaluating horses a lot harder and we’re sure Linda is hoping she will not get bucked off into the mud. If that does happen, we will try to have that in the blog for your amusement. Snowlake was a good girl and didn’t dump Linda.

Speaking of mud, with the recent rain we have had, some water had seeped under Toby’s Moonlight barn, into the baby’s stall. The baby’s had stomped around and made themselves a nice little mess. One end was high and dry, but the other end needed help. Tawnee and Cathy got their shovels and hoes together, and started pushing, shoveling and scraping at the mud.

To prevent more water seeping under the stalls, April and Amy started working on a drainage ditch outside the barn. About this time they all realized that volunteer Rob had brought a tractor to the rescue. A tractor! Their life could be so much easier.

The stall was divided so the baby’s would stay dry while the rest of their pen was fixed.

Soon the tractor was in there, making a job that would have taken hours take just a few minutes.

Then fill dirt was brought in to raise the level of their floor to keep the water out.

Finally the job was done and the baby’s have a very nice, dry home.

It was a really beautiful day today. With all the volunteers, the morning chores got done very quickly. Many hands really do make light work.

When adopters come to the rescue, they have to park in the normal parking place, and then hike up the hill to where all the horses are now located. We are working on new parking arrangements closer to the horses. Potential adopters don’t seem to mind the hike once they get to visiting the horses.

The potential adopter that visited today was the same one that came out last Sunday and spent her day with Tacoma. She decided that Tacoma wasn’t quite the match for her, but then she really fell in love with Jake and wanted to spend time with him. She brought her friend out who she thinks may be the perfect mommy for Tacoma.

The potential adopter spent a lot of time with Jake. Jake loved his grooming and they both seemed to fall in love with each other. She is going to have Jake checked out by our vet to make sure he does not have any problems, and then hopefully Jake will be heading to his forever home!

Tacoma enjoyed spending time with his visitor too. She is thinking about opening her heart and home to Tacoma. Time will tell!

Meanwhile, the tractor was hard at work drilling holes in the ground.

It looked like a giant gopher had moved into the rescue.

A couple posts were put in place, then Jason and Rob scurried around and soon the tractor was carrying a large log to the posts. Any guesses why?

For the first time since NorCal started in 2004 we have a hitching post. It’s about time right? We’re not sure why it has taken this long, but no doubt it just wasn’t on the priority list. Most of the time we use trees or the stock, but this will be very nice. Jason just has
to get some straps to hold the top rail on, then horses can test its strength.

Some of the volunteers had begged Tawnee to make her famous cruelty free vegan cheese alternative for Nacho’s. With enough begging Tawnee disappeared inside for a few minutes, and soon an absolutely lovely hay barn picnic commenced with vegan Nacho’s and vegan Mac’n Cheese. Tawnee was quite amused as volunteers sat there and reminisced about “vegan chocolate” and “vegan meat” and “Ooooh, remember the vegan ice cream.” Tawnee reminded the newer volunteers that they are going to have to work a lot longer before she will get out the vegan chocolate and vegan ice cream. Everyone got a good laugh!

While the picnic was going on, August decided it was time for a nap. He changed his mind quite quickly and as Ethan was standing half asleep above him, August jumped up and hit poor Ethan’s chin. Ouch!

Linda was glad she skipped the Superbowl to come to the rescue today as soon as she saw the parrot show up. This is the same parrot from last Sunday and it was a treat to have her back. She even got to go on a ride in the Hay Wagon. She wasn’t too sure what to think, but was a good sport about it all.

The euthanasia clinic is this Wednesday, and the first horse showed up today. This sweet boy needed to come in early as they were unable to come down on the day of the clinic.

He is suffering from severe arthritis and calcification in both of his knees. He is unable to live comfortably. It’s always so sad to see a horse who’s body has literally fallen apart around him, leaving nothing but pain and misery.

After the visitors had left and the horses were settled, it was back to moving panels and cleaning up new pens. Here Jason is clearing dead branches from a new pen before the horses were put in it.

The panels were put up and clamped together. Soon the pen was done and ready for horses.

We were sad to see the tractor loading up to leave. It is one of those things that would be great at the rescue, but it will probably be like the hitching post: dream about it, talk about it, plan on it, it just takes a long time to actually happen. Napoleon wanted to get a closer look at the big machine.

Phoenix and Napoleon told us that it is not fair that everyone else should get to move, and they be left in their pen by themselves with no other horses in sight. So, today their pen was moved up on the hill and they were let loose. My how Napoleon loves to run and play! All the panels and horses have been moved to higher, drier ground.

The sun began to fall, leaving beautiful sun rays beaming through the trees.

It really was a beautiful end to a very busy day.

Many thanks to Cindy M., Pamela M., Teresa L., Patricia F., Yvonne P., who donated over the weekend! We would also like to thank the Hay Wagon sponsors: Heidi J., Lance A., Tabitha T., Select Enterprises., Marilyn R., Michael B., Stacey H., Rhonda L., Susan P., Show Dressed Up, Josh W., Sea Horse Training, Cindy M., Carla G., Bandit Blue, Katie G. Thank you all so much!

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