This morning all the horses woke up happy the sun was shining, birds were singing, and that their hay was on the way. We will never get tired of telling you how much the Hay Wagon has improved chore time at the rescue, and we hope you don’t get tired of reading it.

One of the chores for the day was wrapping up the panel moving. All the horses were moved out of the mud, but not all of the panels were moved yet. Moving the panels almost seems to be an endless job, but the end result is so wonderful, we cannot complain.

Jason headed to town to get some needed supplies for the rescue.

First of all he had to stop at the Post Office to mail off the Diamond Bracelet. It was such a wonderful donation, auction, and the lucky lady that won it will no doubt be thrilled with it. We are checking into getting a nonprofit mailing account to make shipping that much cheaper.

From the Post Office Jason’s next stop was at the local friendly Staples to get the needed supplies.

Tawnee meanwhile was still slurping in the mud, undoing panel brackets…

…carrying the panels on her back…

…loading them onto the Hay Wagon for the short drive to their destination and then stacking them in a nice neat pile.

All too soon it was becoming to dark to continue working on setting up the pens. Thankfully, all the panels are moved out of the mud and just waiting for daylight. Other than Tawnee did leave the heavy gates for Jason to move.

Tawnee did get one pen built before heading out for the night. The horses are staring at it, wondering who the lucky horse is going to be to first be put in the pen.

Tawnee was glad that the Hay Wagon has good headlights, it would be really difficult driving at night with no headlights. That is always a bad idea.

It was nice to see the panel pens glistening in the headlights. For so many years the rescue was only able to use electric fencing, which the horses enjoyed trying to find a way to get out of. We are always so thankful that now every horse available for adoption is behind safe panels.

Tawnee said “Goodnight” to the babies. They had that look like “Why are you bugging us? Our tummies are full and we are sleepy!”

Many of you may remember our Board of Director’s daughter that was in a terrible car accident in Nov of last year. She broke her back in 3 separate places and the doctors said she would never walk again. We were so excited one day to hear that she could wiggle a toe. The doctors were amazed. Everyone kept up their thoughts and prayers for a full recovery. She is now able to take steps with a walker. She is up to 30 steps a day! She is an amazing girl and it is so wonderful that she is recovering so well. She is still in the hospital, but is making incredible headway. Way to go Kuuipo! If you want to read about her progress on her blog, click here.

Tonight’s featured Ebay Giving Works item is a Victoria’s Secret Limited Edition Honeysuckle Lotion. It is currently at $4.99 and 10% of the selling price goes to help the horses! To see the Ebay listing, click here.

Many thanks to Rocking Z Stables for their generous monthly support!

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