This morning the Thank You cards and tax receipts were all packaged up, sealed, and ready to go. But the envelopes stamps. We would like to thank a wonderful donor for sending stamps to the rescue. If you donated in January, you might just get a Simpson stamp! Speaking of stamps…
…a few weeks ago we featured a stamp that had 2 lovely horses on it from a donor who had gotten the custom postage stamp from Stamps.com. What a great way to share precious pictures.

Stamps.com will generously donate $20 in free shipping for every person that signs up using our promotion code. Using our promotion code you get $100 worth of free stuff too: $45 in free postage, a 5 lb digital scale, free supply kit and a 4 week trial. It’s a win win situation. If you have ever wanted to try Stamps.com, but never had a real reason to, now’s your chance. Sign up and help the horses! You can enter our promo code, C-8Y7V-W24 at Stamps.com or just Click here.

We recently got a call from an Animal Control in the north state. A poor emaciated horse had been abandoned. The area where she was abandoned seems to be a dumping place for horses. It is truly sad, whoever is doing this to horses needs to be caught and prosecuted!

She is young, about 3 years old. It is always so sad to see young horses that are starved into such terrible conditions.

Someone at one point spent a lot of time with her as she is very nicely trained on the ground and is willing to do whatever is asked of her. It is so touching to see horses like her that have been so abused by humans, still willing to trust people.

She has just the cutest face and the sweetest personality, so we have chosen to name her Love Bug. Her eyes are full of life and she will be going into rehab so she can recover and then find a loving, forever home.

Meanwhile Jason was in town mailing the Thank You cards and tax receipts. For 2010 our accountant has changed the frequency of tax receipts and you should be getting one monthly for your donation.

All of the envelopes were stamped and ready to be mailed.

Then they were stuffed into the hole-in-the-wall and are on their way.

From the Post Office Jason went to Les Schwab as the rescue rig had to get its tires rotated. It’s never fun waiting for tires to be rotated, but it sure beats doing it yourself! Each tire/rim combination weighs about 110 lbs! Not to easy to put on and off.

Tonights Ebay giving works item is a Mary Kay travel bag with 25 items in it. It is starting off at only $5.50 and 10% of the sale price goes to help the horses! Click here.

Love Bug has a very special message for you: “I would really appreciate it if you could sponsor me while I am at NorCal Equine Rescue. It feels so good to have some nice yummy hay in my tummy, nice clean water to drink. A $10 a month sponsorship would help me so much, please click here.

Many thanks to Sara H., Lee E., and Gail G. for their extremely generous donations today. If you would like to see your name here, please make a one time donation to help Love Bug or for any other reason. Click here!

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