Today was Jake’s pre-adoption exam at the vet. That meant that Jake had to be trailered to the vet. Anyone that knows Jake knows that he doesn’t like loading. Last time he was trailered he had to be sedated so he would load.
This time, after a little persuasion, he was able to walk into the trailer without any sedation. Where we have moved the horses, there is an incredibly convenient place to back a trailer up to, where there is no step for the horses, they just walk along the ground and into the trailer. Jake seemed to like that.

It was a Euthanasia Clinic day, and when Tawnee got to the vet there were already people waiting for her. Euthanasia clinic days are the hardest days for Tawnee, she has such a hard time saying “Goodbye” to the horses, but she keeps her eyes on the big picture.

One of the horses that came in is a 5 year old Trakehner / QH cross mare. Her own was no longer able to keep her. She was given a good quality of life assessment and is entering our adoption program. About a year ago she was saddled and had ground work done, but she is not fully trained to ride. She needs to be started, she is such a beautiful horse and has a lot of potential.

One of the horses that came into the euthanasia clinic has an injury to her right hind leg. Her owner has spent a lot of money at her vet trying to save her, but nothing can be done for her.

She is in pain and it is just going to get worse for her. She also has a bone chip in her joints. It’s always so sad, but knowing that they will be free from pain makes it worth it.

It’s always so hard for horse owners to give up their beloved pets, but when their quality of life is gone, they must do what is best for their pet, not just keep them alive so they don’t have to say “Goodbye.” It’s simply not fair to make an animal suffer so you feel better.

Finally it was time for Jake’s pre-adoption exam.

He was a good boy, but a little curious about why this lady is so into checking out his tummy. Don’t worry Jake, she wasn’t checking to see if you’re pregnant, she was just checking gut sounds.

Next he was given a lameness exam. He passed with flying colors and the vet reported to his adoptive mommy that he is A-OK! Jake should going home soon.

Baby is still hanging out at the vet and doing great. Her stitches have been removed. She still has a long rehab ahead of her. We are so thankful that thanks to your generosity for her surgery, Baby has a very bright future and a wonderful home lined up.

Soon it was time to load up Twirl, the Trakehner. She is very friendly and likes to put her face right into the camera. It always makes it difficult to get good pictures of horses like that.

She was a good girl and walked right up to the trailer, put her front feet in, then her back feet, and loaded without any trouble whatsoever.

Jake, on the other hand, needed some more encouragement and loading lessons before he walked into the trailer.

Evening was falling when both Jake and Twirl were safely in the trailer.

Tawnee gave Baby a quick goodnight visit and then down the road she went.

She stopped at the Post Office to check the mail. We would like to thank everyone who sends support, both emotional and financial, through the mail. It is greatly appreciated!

Love Bug would like to thank everyone who donated today, and she wants you to know she has a Facebook page! She especially loves her sponsors, Lisa W., Donna A., Danielle C., Lee E., Kristen D., Judith H., Claudia S., Margaret B., Sara H., Todd W., Business Cleaning Company, Pat B. and Denise S. She also wants to thank Annie W., Ann H., Wendy S. and Norma C. for making a 1 time donation to help her. To visit her Facebook page and become Love Bug’s fan, click here. She promises not to sell your name to spammers and crooks to get some more money for cookies.

We get forwards off and on, but this one tops them all. There wasn’t much in the way of words in the email, but you can really make up quite the story based on the photo. The baby seems to have been born in an unexpected snow storm, and his owners didn’t have a baby blanket, so they made do with what they could. How cute!

Many huge thanks to all of the donors today! Lisa W., Donna A., Danielle C., Lee E., Kristen D., Judith H., Claudia S., Margaret B., Sara H., Todd W., Business Cleaning Company, Pat B., Denise S., Annie W., Norma C., Erica S., Lori R., Sheri B., A
nn H., Anonymous, Robin W., Yvonne W., William E., Betty P., Pamela N. all donated today for various programs, including the ever needed “General Operating Funds.” Thank you again, we couldn’t do it without you.

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