Today was day #2 of the euthanasia clinic. The first day, horses are surrendered and evaluated for quality of life and adoptability. The 2nd day is the hardest day of the month: saying the last goodbye. If you are unfamiliar with the euthanasia clinics / Last Act of Kindness program, please click here.

The horses are given their last bucket of sweet feed. It’s hard carrying the bucket, knowing that this is the last treat the horse will ever be given.

The horse with the bone chip in her joint, after being sedated, ate the sweet feed until she was in la-la land.

It is a comfort to know that she will never be in pain from her leg and joint problems again.

These euthanasia clinics are so hard, but we do the best we can for the horses. We know that being able to be sedated, eating some yummy sweet feed, before being laid to rest gently is the kindest possible way to pass on. We are comforted knowing these horses never knew the fear and terror of the slaughter pipeline. Their last minutes were of yummy treats, soft voices, love and kindness as their drifted off.
We would like to thank you, our supporters, for looking at the big picture and helping us be able to financially afford these clinics. If it wasn’t for your support, many horses would be taken to auction and end up at a slaughter house, or be abandoned alongside the road, but thanks to your generosity, their last moments were of love and kindness.

The sun was setting as the last goodbye was said.

Then Tawnee started back to the rescue. She was sad about saying goodbye to the lovely, beautiful horses, but comforted knowing that their suffering is over and the last thing they knew was love.

One of Jason’s goals for the day was running the metal strapping to hold the top rail on the hitching post. Unfortunately he realized that a drill bit long enough to go through the uprights was just nowhere to be found. So, on her way back to the rescue, Tawnee stopped at Home Depot to get one.

She doesn’t really like shopping too much, so she walked up to the first person she saw in that department and said “I need a one half inch, over 12 inches long paddle bit.” Soon she had it in her hand and was walking to the checkout counter. Shopping for anything isn’t really Tawnee’s forte.

This blogs featured Ebay Giving works item is Mary Kay Waterproof Mascara, Black. It is new in the box and 10% of the selling price is donated to help the horses! To view this item, click here.

Many thanks to Gene J. and Erin A. for their generous donations today! It is greatly appreciated.

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