Valentines morning was so beautiful, but wait, what are those black dots in the field?
Cows! Last winter/spring it seemed like the cows visited us quite regularly, and they decided to come see if the grass really was greener on the other side of the fence at the rescue.

Parcy simply couldn’t believe his eyes to see such giant cows in his territory! He soon invited them over to the other side of the divider fence.

He thought it was grand fun playing with the cows, but he didn’t quite fit in. He just looked too different. He really enjoyed saying “Hi” to them, but they were a little snobbish and just said “Moo” back at him.

Soon the cows were all over the rescue. Someone forgot to let them know that we were closed for Valentines day!

Tawnee hopped on her horse Boaz and soon the cows were heading back to their 3,000 acre pasture where they belong. Hopefully this is the last time the cows visit the rescue this year. Someone forgot to close the gate on the neighbors property, so Jason got it closed and hopefully the cows stay on the other side of the fence where they belong.

This morning 3 horses that were being surrendered into our adoption program needed to be picked up. April and Larry, along with a couple ride-along volunteers, headed out to pick them up.

We had been warned that 4wd would be a good idea, and sure enough, the road kept getting smaller and steeper.

On back they drove, looking this way and that for the horses.

Soon the owners of the horses and the horses were located. They were all incredibly sweet and didn’t mind being caught…

..led along…

..and loaded without a fuss. Upon arrival, they asked April and Larry if they could take 4 horses, and they agreed, so instead of 3 horses coming back to the rescue, there were 4.

After the paperwork was done and the horses were loaded up, they turned around and headed back to the rescue.

Soon they were pulling in safely.

While Jason took pictures they started unloading the horses.

All 4 of the horses are incredibly sweet and we will be evaluating them very soon.

This tall boy is wondering why he had to leave his 800 acre pasture to come to the rescue, but he hopes he will get a new home very soon.

One by one they were unloaded without incident and led to the roundpen.

Soon they were all settled in.

They were given some treats to make them feel comfortable at their new temporary home.

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Many thanks to all of our wonderful supporters: Diane P., Kathleen S, and Linda A. generously donated to help rescue horses.

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