We would like to draw your attention this blog to the Low Cost Gelding program. We have about $3,000 left to go to reach our goal of $5,000. The $3,000 that is left to go will cover 24 stallions being gelded. Those 24 stallions sure could produce a lot of unwanted foals, so please join us in our efforts to reduce the unwanted horse population at the source. To donate, click here.

Recently one of the gelding certificate holders brought her stallion to the vet to be gelded. Tawnee happened to be there and took some pictures.

She presented her certificate to the front desk and gave the age of her stallion. He’s about 4 years old, so she paid $50 to have him gelded. Horses 2 and under are $25, and 8 and over are $75. She said that if it was not for our program there was no way she could afford to have him gelded. She loves him dearly and can afford his care, but could not afford the hundreds of dollars to have him gelded.

She unloaded her stallion…

…and led him into the barn to settle in for the evening. His gelding operation was scheduled for the next morning. We would like to thank you, our supporters, for making these low cost gelding operations possible.

At the rescue today, we had some visitors come who wanted to meet the baby’s. They came right at nap time, after breakfast. All the baby’s had to get up and make themselves presentable.

The really liked August and he seemed to like them too. He is such a cute adorable little guy. They said they will be thinking about him and will get back to us. We always appreciate it when adopters want to think about the huge decision of bringing an equine friend into their home.

Jason meanwhile was upgrading the Hay Wagon. Part of the purchase price was a hydraulic dump system, but it wasn’t at the dealer, they had to order it and then bring us the box. Today was the first chance Jason had to put it in.

Now the Hay Wagon has a fancy new button that does amazing things. This is a very good thing!

We wish you could have been there to see Jason and Larry’s face when Jason pushed the button. They were so happy!

Tawnee sat back with a serene look on her face, she just can’t wait to watch the manure dump out all on its own with just the push of a button. Unfortunately Jason already cleaned the stalls so we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to try it out.

Two fancy hydraulics make it all possible. It’s amazing how this Hay Wagon makes the chores around the rescue shorter and shorter. The staff seem to find new uses for it every day.

The next project for the Hay Wagon is to get all the sponsors names up there. If you are a sponsor, you should be getting an email very soon. If you would like to sponsor, we could use a couple more as we one cancellation and the monthly payments were a bit more than we raised, 11 more sponsors (only $5 a month!) would be very helpful and would really help with the cost: click here.

Many of you remember the Arabian show saddle that was donated. Since the rain has stopped, it was a great day to get the saddle on a horse and get some pictures.

Tawnee hopped on for a minute and says it is something you wouldn’t want to go on a trail ride on.

It is now on Ebay, and looking for a new home! It is starting at $.01, so feel free to bid early! Click here.

We would like to thank Gail G for her faithful monthly support! We really appreciate all of your support, both financial and emotional. You can see your name here tomorrow, just click!

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