NER Staff are still on the road at 10:30 pm, so please enjoy this story and read about todays events on tomorrow’s blog.

A family adopted Tonka, Brighty, Dolly and Cruiser. For Christmas they sent us the most beautiful picture book of the lovely horses they adopted from us. This is truly a beautiful gift, thank you so much! We have scanned the pictures for your enjoyment, and typed in their captions.
The day Tonka, Brighty, Dolly and Cruiser arrived
Excuse me, where am I?

Brighty, Tonka & Kathryn

This is actually our first attempt at our Christmas card picture….


Lucas & Cruiser


I can fly!!

Pretty Dolly…

Abby & Heidi

Tonka in the trees


Brighty & Cruiser playing



First day in the snow

Brighty & Heidi….. they are inseparable!

Sweet Tonka…. who we love!!!!

Thank you Tawnee & Jason. We can’t imagine life with out our new horse family. They are well loved in their forever home!

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