This first part is what happened yesterday, unfortunately our staff got to the rescue far too late last night to write a blog.

For maybe the first time ever, Jason excitedly scooped the stall messes into the back of the Hay Wagon. Shovel after shovel went up and into the bed.

Tawnee drove it to where the manure is recycled and pushed the button.

The bed went up, and the manure went out, almost like magic. The hydraulic dump makes emptying the Hay Wagon so much easier! We would like to thank John & Anna P. and Sheri B. for becoming new Hay Wagon sponsors. Your support is greatly appreciated!

It’s almost fun watching the manure slide down and out. Now if they made an implement that automatically scraped it up off the stall floors…

Tawnee spent some time evaluating the 4 new horses that came into the rescue a few days ago. Their information is now up on our available page if you are interested in any of them. 3 of them are ridable, so if you are looking for a nice riding horse, click here.

Valentino (below) is a real sweetheart and would love a forever home, maybe yours?

Tawnee had a meeting to attend so she hopped in the truck and was off to pick up April and head to the meeting.

It was a beautiful drive, it is always so pretty this time of year when the fruit trees start blooming.

Tawnee and April wanted to swing by the old Roseville Livestock Auction yard to take a look. Neither of them had seen it since it had closed and wanted to take a second look.

It is strange seeing it so empty and desolate, now nothing more than a parking lot and empty buildings. Knowing that so many tens of thousands of horses passed through there on their way to slaughter is eerie. It is wonderful knowing that horses will no longer be dumped at this auction, and killer buyers will no longer be able to congregate here, looking to make a quick buck by buying cheap “dollars on hooves.”

Where stock trailers used to park, now stands a toll booth for parking for the flea market next door. A much better way to make money, selling parking space instead of sending horses to slaughter.

From there it was off to the final destination.

The meeting was held at Round Table Pizza. No, Tawnee and April did not go all that way to eat some pizza, there was much more pressing matters to attend to.

Once inside Round Table Pizza, Tawnee couldn’t help but notice the cute mural on the wall. The painter really had an imagination.

Tawnee had been asked to give a presentation to some folks who are interested in where we came from, what we do, and what our plans are for the future.

Believe it or not, Tawnee used to be incredibly shy. Her heart would start pounding whenever faced with an awkward social situation. She is amazed that her shyness and heart pounding has gone away the more she does public speaches. The attendee’s were very happy and we would like to thank one of the guests for making a $100 donation.

After the meeting, which ended fairly late at night, it was then the long drive back to the rescue. Tawnee was happy that April had attended the meeting, she says it would have been a very lonely drive back without her.

Today – Alex came over to get some much needed chores done. One of the first things was getting the metal strapping on the hitching rail so we could tie horses to it.

Soon both sides were strapped down and the hitching rail is secure.

Snowlake was the first horse to be tied to the post. She was a good girl and wondered why her rope was wrapped around a tree.

Then Alex moved all the huge heavy feeders into pens for the horses to eat out of.

Heavy Duty gave his approval to the feeders.

The baby’s continue to enjoy running and playing in their new pen. It is so much fun watching then play, frolicking in the sun and enjoyi
ng each others company.

Many thanks to Sheri B., Pamenla N., Anonymous, Judy H. and Patti M. for their generous donations. We really appreciate it!

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