On Friday Lassie’s approved adoptive family came out to meet her. They really fell in love with her, adoption papers were signed, and they are so excited about bringing her into their family. But then…

…they realized that Lassie’s best friend was Hefty. They just could not stand separating the buddies, so they adopted Hefty too. They are scheduling a vet exam for them and then transportation arrangements will be made. Thank you so much for adopting Lassie and her buddy Hefty.

The rescue is closed on Saturdays, giving the staff and volunteers a day off after chores are done. While the staff and volunteers were out, the rescue had some visitors. A group of horses, 2 seen below, visited from neighboring ranches. It was quite fun reviewing the security systems, watching them wander from barn to field, visiting the horses at the rescue, going in and out of the mare motel breezeway, until finally the owners came along to reclaim their babies. Never a dull moment!

And now for Sunday’s blog. We would like to introduce a new volunteer that has flown in for most of the week named Brianna. She comes all the way from Los Angeles. She is here to live the rescue life and she will also be taking blog pictures so we may see more of Tawnee since she won’t be behind the camera so much. This morning she got right to work with the feeding chores.

Today was Jake’s special day, the day he got to go home with his mommy. She was so happy to see him once again. She spent a lot of time making sure Jake was the perfect match.

Jake was a good boy and got in the trailer without too much fuss, excited to see what grand adventures await him.

It was a busy Sunday with horse trailers coming and going, and lots of action. A news reporter once wrote about Tawnee “She doesn’t need a calendar to know when winter is coming, because of the flood of unwanted horses.” Today Tawnee said she doesn’t need a calendar to know that spring is coming, she just looks at all the horse trailers and potential adopters coming to the rescue. If only adoptions weren’t so seasonal. How can we cultivate winter adoptions? Adoptions slow down so much in the winter, yet there are so many more horses that need help.

In one of the trailers was an adorable mini waiting inside.

Soon he was out, and oh how cute he is!

Dottie and Macho Man say they are always so happy when little horses come to the rescue, big horses are just so scary.

The little guys name is Aztec. We haven’t measured him yet, but Tawnee guesses him between 30 and 32 inches. He is a year and half, and we will be calling the vet shortly to schedule his gelding operation. After that he will need a home!

Love Bug was so amazed by the little guy. April and Larry built Aztec a pen not too far from Love Bug’s stall. She just looked and looked and couldn’t believe her little black neighbor.

Twirl’s potential adopter came out to the rescue to meet her. They are not new to our rescue, and they were looking to add a new family member into their hearts and home.

They really fell in love with Twirl and were so excited to take her home today.

Soon she was loaded up and heading off with her new family to enjoy a wonderful life with them.

It was a busy day at the rescue, but Linda did manage to take Strider out for a nice ride. He really enjoyed it! Strider needs a home! To see Strider’s page, click here.

There was a nice steady flow of potential adopters looking at horses, hoping to find their perfect match.

Finally the visiting hours were coming to an end, so Brianna got to work cleaning out the small trailer as there was a pickup scheduled this afternoon.

The truck was hooked up and ready to go, up into the mountains where the dark clouds had spent the day.

In the valley it was now bright and sunny with green grass and blooming flowers.

Shortly Tawnee and Brianna were up in the mountains where the clouds hung low and the air was cold.

They were picking up a 6 year old Percheron mare who was no longer able to stay with her family.
The owners said it was very tight down their driveway, and it had been arranged for them to lead Sika to the main road.

The little trailer has a 7′ ceiling, but it wasn’t quite tall enough for her personal tastes and she decided she was not getting in.

Tawnee decided it wasn’t worth making her stress over it, and as they were loading her next to the paved road, Tawnee felt that sedation would be the safest for both human and horse. Soon Sika was seeing pretty colors and was quite willing to obey.

The trailer was moved to a different location where they could back up to a hill, and without too much fuss, Sika was finally inside.

Brianna shares Tawnee’s passion for sunset pictures and snapped this photo on the way back to the rescue from picking up Sika. It is overlooking Lake Oroville.

At the rescue Sika was more than happy to get out of the trailer.

Love Bug just couldn’t believe her eyes. She thought it was great when the little black guy came to live by her, but then this giant black horse moved in right next door! She is very amazed, she looks to one side and there is a black giant, looks the other way and there is a black midget. Life can be quite interesting at the rescue, even for the equine residents.

Finally all of the horses were settled and another busy day at the rescue came to a close.

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Many thanks to Omar S. and Erin L. for their generous monthly support.

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