2-22-10 Part 1

Today started at 5:30 AM with Tawnee, Jason, April and Briana getting the rescue rig ready to go and horses loaded up. Smokey, Jazz and Valentino were transfered to SAFER rescue as we believe they have better success adopting Thoroughbreds. It was also an action rescue day.

SAFER had rescued two horses from the auction previously so we could bring them into our adoption program.

At the auction we were able to save 2 stallions, 4 calves and 50 day old goats. It was so sad, the goats ran through the auction and no one bid on them. After the auction Tawnee asked about them, and they said she could have them for $1 each. Tawnee, having the huge heart for innocent babies that she does, just couldn’t say no.
All the animals were safely tucked into the great big trailer for the trip back to the rescue.
A quick stop at Tractor Supply, where one of the kids picked out which milk substitute he wanted.
At the rescue, each baby goat was collared, had its intake picture taken, given love, and a warm bottle of milk. As you can imagine, the process took hours and it is now 11:30 pm.
After an 18 hour day the rescue staff is just as tired as the baby goats. We will write part 2, with all the details, tomorrow.
To follow the action on our Facebook page, click here. Rescuing an animal is often the cheapest part, especially in these little guys case. If you would like to donate to help care for the incredibly adorable little guys, please click here. All of these baby’s will be available for adoption. Tawnee did phone calls on the way back to the rescue and 12 of these baby’s are in foster care.

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