The day started with tears as Briana’s little buddy didn’t make it through his second night. Sadly we had to say “Goodbye” to two other precious babies that didn’t make it either. It is so terrible that the babies are thrown away without a second thought to their well being. Ripped from their mothers before the vital colostrum can be had, colostrum that would give their immune systems a fighting chance.

After all the babies were fed and the other chores were being done, Tawnee and Briana headed into the office to get all the goats onto the internet so they can be easily adopted. Tawnee also had some other pressing paperwork that had to be done.

Thanks to the hard work of foster homes and other networking, there are only 19 goats that still need homes! They can all be viewed on the internet now. Adoption fees are $5 per goat, and you will sign that they are being adopted as pets only, not as your next supper. You can put a $5 hold with the goats name, similar to putting a horse in adoption pending. The hold will come off the adoption fee. The holds will last for 3 business days. To see all of the available goats, please Click Here.

Today was a wet rainy day, but Hefty and Lassie were headed to the vet for their adoption exams.

They loaded without a problem, no doubt glad to be stepping on something other than mud.

In no time at all the rescue rig was pulling out with its precious cargo.

Inside, a cute little white goat was wondering what this new adventure was.

Home at Last Sanctuary had called up today. Tawnee knew they would call and just knew they would want some goats too. They agreed to take a total of 8 goats, 4 of which they would keep and 4 of which they were placing into another home. They agreed to take the whites ones as we felt they would be harder to find homes for. They were all loaded up and had their diapers on, ready for the trip.

They definitely enjoyed the trip, looking out the window and baaahhhing with excitement the whole time. About 8 miles down the road, the constant baahhing of 8 baby goats was getting quite annoying. Tawnee had an idea…

…she turned on the radio to a classical music station, and within 20 seconds a hush came over the truck. The little babies were curled up, fast asleep. There were only 2 that weren’t classical music fans. Tawnee and Briana decided to do an experiment. They turned the classical music off, and within 5 seconds little heads started popping up and the noise from the backseat began. The classical music was turned on again and everything went quiet. Wow!

At the vet Donna from Home at Last was waiting with her camera as they do a daily blog as well. Tawnee and Donna took pictures of each other for their blogs.

Donna and a group of her friends were just so excited to be bringing these precious little lives into their hearts and homes.

The little babies were moved from one truck to another. Briana told them the secret of classical music, so hopefully their trip home was quiet too.

Finally it was time for Hefty and Lassie to get their adoption exams. They had been waiting quite patiently.

Dr Weaver examined them with care and declared them both ready for their new home.

Meanwhile at the rescue, Jupiter was was being surrendered.

Jupiter has been used for English and jumping. He can no longer be shown, but is still a very sweet boy that is looking for a home.

Back at the vet, Aztec is officially a gelding.

It was time for him to come back to the rescue so Briana led him to the waiting trailer.

Aztec rode in the back of the trailer as Hefty and Lassie were in the front of the trailer.

The trip back to the rescue was uneventful. The rain had finally let up by this time.

Alex had been busy all day helping with the chores and feeding baby goats. Finally all the chores were done and a long and busy day was coming to a close.

One of NorCal’s friends from Washington sent a link to an interesting article we would like to share with you. It is from an Ag magazine in Canada. This particular killer buyer who is quoted in the article seems to believe that banning horse slaughter will make horses go extinct. He says “What do you do with a horse? I’ve had some horses that won me thousands of dollars in the rodeo. When he was done, I put him on the truck,” said Houde. Tawnee could only think of another quote: “A man who is right with God cares for his animal, but the sinful man is hard and has no pity.” – Proverbs 12:10 If you would like to read the article, it is nice to hear killer buyers whining… Click Here.

Thank you so much Joni M., Sandra L., Jennifer K., Patricia P., Nancy P., Pamela R., Barbara P., Sara H., Francine L. and Ann H. for their extremely generous donations today! It will really help take care of babies at the rescue!

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