This morning was Briana’s last day of volunteering before heading back to the big city. It seems that a bunch of cows heard the news and were waiting in the road for her this morning to make sure she knows that she has been in the country. Probably not too many herds of cows roaming the streets of LA.

Tawnee had to head out to the vet as sadly 3 of the baby goats were not doing well at all and needed to be given the last act of kindness. 2 passed away before she arrived at the vet. We lost 16 babies out of the original 50. So so sad, but all 50 would have died if they were not rescued. It looked like this little guy had an umbilical infection and there was no hope for him. We are so glad they all knew they were loved.

Back at the rescue, the rescued calves were let out since it was such a beautiful day, and they loved running and playing in the sun. When it came to nap time, Parcy decided to show them the right way to nap in the sun. He loves being big brother.
So far we have been so busy with the goats that only 1 calf has received a name, this is Moo. It seems to fit him.
It was decided to move the baby goats out where they could enjoy the sunshine too. We were all hoping they knew they should stay in the pen instead of trying to wiggle their way out.
Thankfully none of the babies discovered any way to escape, and it seems like they enjoyed all of the nice green shavings.

Linda didn’t come to the rescue yesterday because it was raining, but today when she came she couldn’t wait to meet the babies.
She had horses that were waiting to meet her too.
Sika was kind of a dirty girl and needed some help getting cleaned up.
Tawnee had promised Briana that she would get to go riding. Briana put in many long, hard hours volunteering at the rescue. Without her dedicated help, the goat rescue would have been a lot more work on everyone else. Tawnee was glad it was a beautiful day and the sun was shining for her ride.
The horses enjoyed the ride too.
On the ride, Briana lost her camera. It slipped out of her pocket somewhere along the ride. Tawnee and Briana looked and looked, and then they found it. Do you see it?
After the ride Briana said one last “Goodbye” to the babies.
Then she off down the road. She was such a great help and we were all sad to see her go. Her car was shiny black when she came, and when she left, it was as if it had changed colors. No doubt the rental company will scratch their heads on how it got so dirty.
As you know, we have been working hard on getting all the baby goats placed. They were up on Adopt a Pet yesterday, and we asked people to place holds on them if they were interested. This lady, a previous horse adopter, and a bunch of her friends wanted to adopt some goats so she came up to take them to their new homes.
Doing all the adoption paperwork was a little chaotic as it was hard keeping track of who was who and which papers were signed for which goats. Notice Tawnee’s pinky finger became a pacifier.
Finally all of the baby goats were safely in her car and we told her to make sure she kept her classical music on. She said she had read the blog.
All of the baby goats were now gone from the rescue, we only have 3 more in a foster home who are on hold scheduled to be picked up tomorrow. Wow! Now we have a whole bunch of people wanting to adopt goats. No doubt with spring on its way, Tawnee will be faced with the same hard decision of baby goats that no one wants. She has asked that if you are interested in adopting a baby goat, please email with your name and phone number and how many goats you are willing to commit to bottle feeding and keeping as your pet. The auction is on Mondays, so if we had a list of people waiting, we could alert them and Tuesday (hopefully) the goats could be placed in their homes so they don’t burden down the rescue staff. Please if you are willing to give a baby a chance at life, contact us.
After all the baby goats had gone home, Parcy wondered why he couldn’t be in the pen with the calves. He thinks they should be able to wander freely just like him. He doesn’t understand that they are tiny babies and need their nap time and he can’t play with them all the time.
Tawnee believes she is recovering from “goat flu” otherwise known as “h1n50.” It is a very strange sickness that leaves its victim exhausted, easily distracted by small moving objects, sleeping disorders and some strange addiction to mixing powdered milk with water. She thinks that the goat flu symptoms are going away, and she should be back to normal by next Sunday.
Many thanks to Kim S. and Sara H. for their generous donations today. Thank you so much!

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