Today one of our staff happened to stumble across an interesting news clipping called Horse Owners Facing Terrifying Reality done by Q13 Fox up in Seattle Washington. It was done last year, but it is still relevant today. It discusses in depth the problems facing so many horse owners in these tough economic times. Then, to make it a complete news story, they mentioned us! Not directly by name, but they did discuss the euthanasia clinic, and how vitally important it is. To view the news clip, click here.

Talking about the euthanasia clinic, we have the date for the next clinic. The clinic is the only way for many folks to be able to afford to say “Goodbye” without dumping their beloved companion at an auction or letting it starve for fear of it going to slaughter. The next clinic is on March 10th, and so far we have $290 towards this months goal of $875 for financial hardship cases. You can help give a peaceful end to a magnificent life, click here.

Today a great group of volunteers showed up to help with morning chores. It is always so nice to have extra willing hands, it makes all the jobs go quicker.
We had the regular volunteers, along with…
…a great group of kids from Biggs FFA. We cannot thank them enough for coming out and lending a helping hand.
One of the chores that got done today was dozens of pieces of tack washed and cleaned, then hung up in the sun to dry. Halters and lead ropes, all ready to be put back to work.
Some very ambitious volunteers took one look at the inside of the tack room and got to work. When they emerged awhile later, it hardly looks the same inside! Everything is so neat and clean, tidy and organized.

Linda was out and between the busy group of volunteers, she did manage to ride Sam, who recently came into the rescue. He did great, but doesn’t like to take the bit that well. It was a short ride as we would really like to see him have more weight before going for a long ride. It is really nice to know he is trained to ride.

Raja came back due to the wretched economy wrecking havoc on horses in absolutely lovely, caring homes. Homes that would go hungry themselves before they allowed their equine friend to go hungry. Raja is fat and happy and is looking for another very loving home.
It was very hard for them to say “Goodbye” they have really enjoyed having her in their family. It is always sad when a horse was placed in what was a forever home, but then the economy makes people give up those most precious to them.
Sika was adopted today! Her adopter truly fell in love at first sight, and it seemed that they fell in love with each other at the same time.
Sika really doesn’t relish getting into the trailer
With some encouragement she got both humongous giant front feet into the trailer. She would look forward, look backwards, step forward, step backwards, eat some hay, eat some grain, think a bit then do what she wanted. Finally she decided it was time to stop playing and hopped in the trailer.
At her home she unloaded without a hitch, looked around and decided she is in a good place. She can’t wait to see what grand adventures are waiting for her.
Many thanks to The Tack Room for donating $20 gift certificates for our adoption packets! They have a great website, but the gift certificates will not work online. To visit their website, click here.
This blogs Ebay Givings Works is, once again, the Wild Horse Road Apples t-shirts. They do link to our website, and they make great work shirts, AND 100% of the proceeds go to help the horses. It’s a win-win buy all around. To view the auction listing, click here.
We would like to thank Christi S. who donated in honor of Deja and Scott D. for donating over the weekend. We couldn’t do it without you!

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