Here are the adoption photo’s for the last few goats that went to their forever home on Friday. We are so thankful that we were able to rescue the little goats, and that they all found homes so quickly.

The families were all so happy when they adopted their little goat friends. Just look at the smile on that little boys face!

We’ve also gotten some updates on goats that have been adopted. They are really enjoying their new homes and a chance at life.

It makes our hearts warm inside knowing that we were able to save these precious babies, who can then bring such huge smiles to people.

Each little life is so precious, with so much love to give. At our next auction rescue it is planned to rescue more babies. There are already homes lined up for a lot of them, if you are willing to open your home to a little guy like these, email us and tell us your name, phone # and how many you are willing to adopt as pets.

This morning Tawnee received an urgent call from one of our volunteers that had stumbled across a horse that really needed help.

This guy needed help, thankfully we had the funds to help him, thanks to your donations to the Help a Horse program. Larry, April and Amy did a lot of phone calls and driving around to make his pickup possible. When Tawnee was finally given the go-ahead, she drove out to go pick him up.

Tawnee had called the vet to give them a heads up that she would be bringing a thin stallion in. He was in a pen by himself with barbed wire. He had injuries on his legs from contact with the barbed wire.

After he was loaded up, they headed to the vet.

He was examined and it was determined he was an older stallion and his teethe were in terrible condition. After a quality of life examination and adoptability prognosis given, and as we have no available stallion pens at the rescue at this time, it was determined that the Last Act of Kindness was the kindest option we could provide for him. It’s really sad when people do not geld their horses, they often end up living a terrible life when no one wants them, abused and neglected. We wish we could find every horse a home, but sadly it is just impossible due to the economy and over breeding.

Back at the rescue, the first of 2 loads of hay was being delivered and unloaded into the temporary hay barn.

One by one the bales would come off the truck, into the barn. It is always nice having a full hay barn.

Many of you know what the hay guys other job is, and we are hoping to have a very exciting announcement soon. If y0u don’t know what it is, just keep your fingers crossed for us…

We would like to thank Tazzy Animal Rescue Fund for their extremely generous quarterly sponsorship that came in today. Many of our long time friends will remember that Tazzy Fund has been involved with us for many years, both financially and emotionally. We are so thankful that they have decided to sponsor our rescue this year. If you would like to visit their website, click here.

Today’s Ebay Giving Works item is a Cats Quilt Pattern Book. If you know a quilter, you won’t want to miss this! 10% of the sale price benefits the rescue and you can view the item by click here.

Many thanks to Cindy M., Tazzy Animal Rescue Fund., Margaret O., Anonymous, IBM, Scraps Dog Barkery, Joyce D. for their generous donations today!

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