We have had some very exciting news developing, and it has really taken a leap forward today, but you’ll have to wait until next blog entry to read all about it. Until then, enjoy todays blog.

Tawnee haltered Love Bug as she had an appointment at the vet today. It seemed that something was just a bit wrong with her, but we couldn’t quite put our fingers on it.

She was a very good girl and got right into the trailer.

Intensive and Trixie had a big day planned: they were going to their forever home. They were both really good too and got right into the trailer. Probably glad that their hooves weren’t stepping on mud puddles, yes it was pouring rain this morning. Home at Last sanctuary agreed to bring them into their program, where they will live forever!

At Home at Last Sanctuary the camera refused to work properly. Both the girls unloaded and were led to their waiting pen.

They settled into their new home and enjoyed munching their hay.

As Tawnee passed by this section of road, she couldn’t help but remember back when she was little girl. One time on the way to town, she and her family passed 4-5 horses loose on this very hill. On the way home from town, one of the horses had been hit by a car and lay dead in the middle of the road. This sad story is a very vivid memory to this day in Tawnee’s mind.

At the vet, it was time for Love Bug to be examined. She was such a good girl, wide eyed and full of curiosity.

Everything sounded normal through the stethoscope.

Then it was time for her mouth to be examined.

Shortly after Dr Weaver opened her mouth to look in, out came a tooth. One of her baby teethe was stuck, it should have fallen out on its own, but was still hanging in there. It was decided that a full dental was needed, thanks to Love Bug’s sponsors, she was able to get it right away.

Soon she was in la-la land and was all prepped for her dental.

When her mouth was opened, it really looked like a mess. This tooth had a giant hook, it was a baby tooth that was stuck in there and just didn’t want to come out on its own.

When her mouth would close, the hook would cut deep into her skin causing her pain. No wonder she wasn’t feeling right! Poor Love Bug!

She had a lot of other dental problems as well, her teeth were preventing her from chewing normally and causing her a lot of pain.

Finally when her dental was done, 7 baby teethe had been extracted! She needed a lot of work, but it all got done today.

Finally she was ready to head back to the rescue.

It was a beautiful drive back to the rescue. The rain had stopped falling and the sun had come out for a brief moment before dipping behind the horizon.

Love Bug was happy to get back to the rescue so she cold tell all of her friends about her amazing adventure today.

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Many thanks to Phyllis B., Natalie K., Cindy R., Gail G. for their very generous donations today.

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