It’s in Escrow!

We have some very exciting news that we have been bursting at the seams to share with you. We put an offer in on 20 acres and they have accepted! Our hay guys, who are Realtors, saw the real need that the rescue should move to a better location, and are doing what they can to make it happen.
The property is 20 acres, very gently rolling, but mostly flat (and all usable.) It is 1/3 mile to the main highway. There are very good wells in the area, so water should not be an issue at all. It is only $69,000! It is 18 miles from Marysville and 15 miles from Oroville in the flat lands, out of the flood zone. This is a very wonderful piece of land that would be an excellent forever home for NorCal Equine Rescue, and at $3450 an acre, it is very cheap too.

It has a small seasonal creek that wanders through the middle.

Beautiful fields just waiting for horses, an adoption center, tack room, round pen, covered riding arena, the possibilities are endless.

So many of you know that we have been looking and working towards a better location for the rescue and now it is happening! Many of you said “Step out in faith, and the funds will come in.” That is what we are doing. You may remember all the hard fundraising work we did at the State Fair, the trip south with Macho Man, selling buttons, etc to raise money specifically for a new facility. All together we have $10,000 in the bank for the property, we only need $59,000 to make it happen.

With this property it would mean that the water truck would no longer have to haul water for the horses during the summer and fall when the well cannot produce enough water. It could be retired to a more leisurely life of watering the arena.

Visitors, adopters and volunteers would no longer have to drive either 3 or 5 miles on a bumpy dirt road, depending on which direction they come from, to visit the rescue. Horses could be viewed a lot easier for adoptions, volunteers could come out a lot easier making the horses feel loved.

While trying to leave the rescue, adopters would not have to be towed up the hill with their precious horse friend in the trailer. The driveway at the new property is flat flat flat!

You can help make this happen! There are currently a few happy cows running free. Can’t you just imagine rescued horses enjoying the freedom of beautiful pastures to run and frolic? You can make it happen!

Click here to visit the page with all the information. Please, spread the word. We cannot do this alone, networking is going to be a huge part of making this happen. Near the bottom of the page one our website is an “addThis” bar, which makes it easy to share this exciting opportunity on Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Myspace, etc. Please click here and spread the word!

If you believe in the work we do, and wish to help the rescue grow, prosper, and be able to help more horses every year, please donate now. Every dollar really helps! Click here to donate.

Please spread the word!

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