We are overwhelmed and excited all at the same time with the huge task at hand. We have about 18 days to raise $58,510, but thanks to your generosity, we know it can happen.
We would really like to thank Jennifer G. for stepping forward and offering the first match of $500 dollar for dollar. Any donations that come in for the new facility will be doubled just like that. Your $1 will become $2 right away. If you are holding out to donate, now is your chance, take advantage of the matching donation! There is still $355 left in the matching donation. If anyone is willing to offer a matching donation fund (a minimum match donation of $500 qualifies) please let us know!
As you may image, our staff and volunteers will be working extra overtime doing absolutely everything we can to make this facility happen for the horses. If you have any ideas of ways to raise funds before escrow closes, please let us know.

On a side note, you all know what NorCal’s website looks like. It has had this look for a couple years now, and while very functional, is looking pretty dated.

Jason has been working hard designing, programming and producing a new website and it is coming along beautifully. Here is a sneak preview for all you fans out there. 2010 is looking like a great year for the rescue and for the hundreds of horses that will come through our open doors. If you like the new look, let Jason know. Click here. Jason is still fine-tuning it and adjusting the colors, but this is the general look for the home page.

Horse slaughter plants have been closed on US soil, but now there are threats of slaughter plants being re-opened in a couple states. Colorado is having a hearing on a bill to give tax dollars to open a slaughter plant. For more information, click here.

Illinois is also hot on getting a horse slaughter plant in their state. It is unbelievable that people are willing to suggest that slaughtering horses is OK. We must keep the pendulum swinging against horse slaughter! Please click here, at the bottom of the page you will find phone numbers for the Illinois Representatives. Even if you don’t live there, you can still let them know you disapprove! They need to know how true American’s feel about our beloved horses. For more information, click here.

Las Vegas Channel 8 TV station has done an amazing news segment on the Mustangs. Tawnee says it is the best news segment she has ever seen regarding the Mustangs, and you must watch it. Click here. The first segment is called BLM Wraps Up Huge Wild Horse Roundup.

The second segment, called Wild Horses Forced into a Stampede of Death, goes into a little more detail of the after effects of the roundups. It is a must see segment as well. They are both about 5 minutes long, please take the time to view them, you won’t be sorry! Click here.

This morning at the rescue it was pouring rain. The farrier was scheduled to come out, but due to the heavy rain fall, he was called to cancel. The farrier informed us that he was surrounded by snowb at his house and he couldn’t get out anyway. By then the sun was beginning to shine through the clouds, and everything was fresh and beautiful.
A horse was scheduled to come to the rescue today, but thankfully the owners were able to find a wonderful home locally to them. The only thing that was supposed to happen today that did happen was Linda came out to work with the horses. We are really excited that Raja is already in adoption pending to a lovely approved family.

As you all know, we fell in love with all the little goats we rescued and adopted into homes, and we love getting updates. We got this update that we just had to share with you from PDQ’s family. PDQ has made it right at home and loves curling up with her families dog.

But especially he loves curling up with his best friend for a snuggle and a nice nap. This picture is so adorable! It’s hard realizing that if this poor little guy had not come to the rescue, he would have been abandoned and left to die most likely. How sad, but what a wonderful life he has now!

Jason and Tawnee were focused 100% on fundraising, and as such not a lot directly happened other than the necessary chores.
Many thanks to: Amy Q. – Scott B. – Erika L. – Darcy G – Kim K. – Stacey S. – Carla G. – Laurie D. – Pamela N. – Dena L. for their very generous donations today! We really appreciate it.

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