Only $17,424 left to raise! That’s right, only $17,424 left to raise. No, we didn’t raise $40,000 today, the needed funds dropped significantly. We were given some wise counsel that, due to the extremely low interest rates, it would be rise to go ahead and get an all-inclusive mobile home loan that would purchase the property, put housing on it, drill the well, etc all for hopefully about $900 a month, a large portion of which will be paid by the people renting the mobile. Jason and Tawnee have been training April and Larry to do all of the hands on with the horses from day to day. The rescue has grown too large for Jason and Tawnee to do it all, so April and Larry will be renting the home on the new facility and taking care of the horses from day to day, and provide 24/7 security. We wouldn’t want there to be no eyes at the rescue and have someone come cut the fence, drive off with the horses and ship them to slaughter in Mexico. Eyes on the property 24/7 is a very good thing.

At the bottom of the fundraising page for the property there is now a frequently asked questions. Click here to read it. These are very exciting times for the rescue, and we invite any and all questions, so feel free to contact us if you have any suggestions or questions!

With the decision being made that an all-inclusive mortgage is the best way to purchase the property, Jason and Tawnee headed to a mobile home company. We have had volunteers visiting all the mobile home companies, and they found the best deal.

It is the cheapest mobile home that will work. First we looked for a single wide, but found out that getting financing on a single wide is virtually impossible as of Jan 1, 2010. That leaves double wide mobile homes. Jason and Tawnee walked around the outside while the volunteers went to get the salesmen to unlock the door.

It’s a small mobile, but adequate for staff housing. The closets are just about as big as the bedrooms, but it’s the cheapest mobile.

The salesman seemed tickled pink that we came in prepared to sign the paperwork today. Having buyers that really didn’t seem to make a big fuss over where the outlets were located, which directions the doors swing, they just want the best deal possible that will finance. The papers were signed.

After leaving the mobile home place, Jason and Tawnee headed off to dream on the property some more.

It is definitely beautiful, and we can’t wait to see horses grazing on the nice green grass. This is happening!!! Only $17,424 left to raise and this place will be closing escrow. This is certainly not a huge fundraiser, we raised $10,000 for one months auction rescue (we rescued 40 horses that month with the funds!) This is a huge opportunity for the rescue to move to a location where thousands of horses will find shelter.

Tawnee says she can’t wait to take sunset photo’s with the beautiful mountains in the background there. We would like to thank everyone who has donated what they could to make this happen. When we updated the thermometer this morning, the largest donor so far was still Jennifer G who matched donations to $500. This afternoon that changed dramatically when Patricia V. donated $1,000 towards the new property. She holds the title of the largest donor for this fundraiser, will anyone take the title away from her? We would like to thank everyone who donates, large and small, every dollar really helps!

Today’s eBay giving works item is some adorable socks with a horse theme. They are just too cute! There are 10 available, Tawnee says if anyone will send her some, she will gladly wear them. To view the lovely socks, click here.

We would like to thank our donors, this is our biggest fundraiser yet, but we know we can count on you, and thank you again to all those that donated today: Donna A. – Diane P. – Paula G. – Lance A. – Karen H. – Caroline R. – Patricia M. – Patricia P. – Kate N. – Lisa S. – Patricia V. – Jackie J. who sent a note that said “Good luck from the crazy ladies at B&B stables.”

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