Lilly’s Bumblebee and Tink’s Update

Lilly’s Bumblebee is a very special horse: she was #1,000 equine rescued by our rescue! This was the very first day they met. It was easy to tell they were both falling in love.

Now, they are more in love than ever. They write: “Bumblebee is being the silly baby and loves to ‘chase’ the car in her pen when we drive up. And I doubt a horse out there has had more hair-do’s than Bumbles…. she is very patient for the braiding-combing-etc. 😉 Thank you so much for saving these girls for us!”

We hope you the longest, most loved life a horse has ever had Lilly!

This was the first time they met Tink. They really fell in love with her too.

What a beautiful girl! Tink was adopted once, but it was not the perfect match so she came back to the rescue to find another family that was a perfect match. They say three times is a charm, this time, it was only her 2nd try. She really did find her perfect home.

They recently wrote us and said: “Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the horses we adopted from you guys!! Tink has fallen in love with our gelding Charlie, and we are spending lots of time on groundwork. She actually loves to work and knickers when she sees me, which is the sweetest thing. She is the first one at the gate and is learning all sorts of neat tricks (she ‘hugs’ for a treat!) and I rode her for the first time today! “

Thank you for giving Tink and Lilly’s Bumblebee such a wonderful, loving home!

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