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This morning a great group of volunteers once again swarmed onto the rescue, anxious to make it sparkle and shine for the busy Sunday. We can’t thank our volunteers enough for all the hard work they do.

Linda brought August out so he would be ready to meet his new family.

Tawnee spotted the first butterfly of spring today. She tried to get a picture of it fluttering around, but settled for one of it resting on the ground, spreading its beautiful wings in the sunshine.

Phoenix and Napoleon’s old pen needed to be reseeded once again so it would soon look like all the surrounding property: green and beautiful. When the rescue has moved to the new property, Phoenix and Napoleon will stay behind and we will start an e-adoption program.

Before Larry had his back surgery he was the “do it all” guy for handyman work at the rescue. Something needed to be done, Larry was the guy. Now, he can’t do a whole lot physically, so he has started shining in the office. Phone calls, emails, organizing, it is truly amazing how much he gets done and is always so willing to get more done.

A trailer pulled into the rescue. When Tawnee saw it coming down the road, she was glad they were coming for August. If they were coming for a draft horse, she would have started pulling her hair out at the prospect of loading it.

August and his new mommy had some bonding time. She was so excited about him and he was so inquisitive about her.

August’s neighbor, shall we call him Mr Wilson? had quite the scowl on his face while August (Dennis the Menace?) was warming up to his new mommy. Mr Wilson doesn’t like August, but sure seemed to scowl even bigger when he realized that August was leaving soon.

Across the barn, Love Bug and Mrs Wilson (Raja) looked on with big brown eyes full of wonder. They knew something special was going to happen for this little guy.

August and his mommy went out for a stroll together. August was a little unsure, but his new mommy was so calm and comforting for him.

They knew that they had fallen in love with each other, ready for a long, lifetime friendship.

Adoption papers were signed, and Mr Wilson scowled even more.

Tawnee was happy that in the eyes of August, this was a huge trailer.

We did however make some safety adjustments to the trailer before August headed off. Safety first!

We would like to thank those that came out to visit the horses today. Even though no other matches were found, we appreciate people taking the time to consider adopting a rescue horse.
After all the visitors were gone, Jason hooked up the truck and trailer.

Soon he was heading out.

Down the road he went. He was headed to one of our previous adopters home, who had adopted Gracie a year ago. Sadly, their 30+ year old horse was given a poor quality of life assessment and he needed to come to the euthanasia clinic. It was sad driving there, knowing that one horse was at the end of his trail, but it was exciting to be able to see Gracie in such a great home again.

Gracie and her friends definitely have a wonderful life. She came to us in August 2008, and she is truly living in a great place. What a wonderful home for a horse.

Jason arrived back at the rescue long after dark, and a waiting stall was opened for the sweet boy. It’s always so sad having to give up a precious friend due to his health failing.

Please, if you can spare even $3, and everyone does that, this new rescue location will happen. Skip out on your organic Odwalla drink today, and let’s make the new rescue place happe
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Many thanks to Pamela M., Joni M., Teresa L., Erin M., Jessica B., Sheri B., Yvonne P., Karen D., Michael B., Carla G., Heidi J., Katie G., Cindy M., Bandit Blue, Susan P., Sea Horse Training, Stacey H., Josh W., Lance A., Marilyn R., Tabitha T., Rhonda L., Show Dressed Up., Yvonne W., Charlotte A. for their generous donations over the weekend. The rescued horses absolutely love each and every one of you!

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