A whole bunch of people skipped out on their organic non GMO Odwalla drinks this week and donated to help make it happen (we’re not picking on Odwalla, it is just Tawnee’s favorite drink.) And it happened today! 24 hours ago, we had only raised $13,000. As of this blog, over $17,000 was raised in less than 24 hours. This is absolutely the single best day of fundraising for the rescue! Our fingers are twitching just waiting for escrow to close and get to work setting up the new rescue and adoption center.

We have huge plans for the property, this is just the first huge step in the goal of running the absolute best horse rescue and shelter that we can. One of our goals is a 90′ x 200′ shelter and adoption center with 20 stalls, an indoor riding arena, office, vet room, etc where adoptions can happen rain or shine, visitors can come rain or shine, and volunteers can come muck stalls rain or shine. As you all know, wintertime is the most challenging time for the rescue, and our goal is to make this facility winter proof.

On the outside there will be beautiful pens and pastures with shelters, happy horses running free, glad to be alive, while waiting for their new home. At this time there are no trees on the property, so we plan on having a tree planting drive. This picture is not taken on the property, but is an example of what will be happening.

So, you’re probably wondering how it came to be that it all happened in one day. After we got the call from the matching donor last night (who still chooses to be anonymous, but will hopefully be announced soon) we all put our heads together to try to figure out how to make it happen. It was decided that Larry would be the first NorCal Equine Rescue telemarketer, and he’s good at it, he’s hired (well, volunteers.) The heater was turned on high in the office and Larry went to work. He did a great job, he made 110 phone calls, a lot of people weren’t home, but those that were home were very positive in their support. Many people promised to send in checks, and we can sure use them to put in a well, lay water line, put up shelters, put down gravel, and all the things that go into developing raw land into a beautiful rescue facility. Don’t think your donation isn’t needed, if you got a call from Larry, you might just get another call from him if your promised check doesn’t show!

Meanwhile, Tawnee and April were preparing the thank-you cards for February’s donors.

Inside the thank-you card is a note that says “It’s in escrow!” At the time of the printing and stuffing the funds were not raised, but we would welcome your donation to help build the place. Just like with horses, getting them is the easy part.

We had old friends and volunteers come to the rescue today. They were looking to add new members to their family. Many of you remember Cathy and her girls, it was really nice to see them again. They wanted to see if Aztec would be a good match for their family.

They were also wanting to visit Mardi. Mardi and her friends were basking in the sun, staying warm and dry. Soon they realized their nap time was over.

Everybody loved everybody, and matched up quickly. They took a quick pose for the camera before someone had a bright idea.

Let’s take the mini home sooner than later! They have a van very similar to the Mini-Van that Macho Man rides in, and it was deemed safe for Aztec to ride in it. First of all, a tarp and shavings were put down to protect the carpet.

He was such a good little boy and hopped in as if this was normal. Macho Man must have had a talk with him and clued him in on how wonderful big white vans really are. Heater / air conditioning, a radio to listen too, shock absorbers, the works!

Tawnee gave Aztec a goodbye speech and wished him the best. He couldn’t have gotten a more loving family.

Once the doors were closed, they just had to write a special message on the dirty glass to let the world know: “Horse on Board!”

Then it was back to fundraising, networking, phone calls, everything we could do to bring in donations. Donations were coming in faster than anyone could believe. Jason had a meeting for the Loomis facility, and it was arranged that Mardi would ride down to her families house on the way. Aztec could have ridden down in the trailer too, but that would have meant that precious memories would not have been made and precious bonding hours lost. Mardi was happy to be heading to her new family, Parcy looked on with wonder. He still hasn’t quite figured out where he fits in, but he will. He thought he was a horse until all those cows came along on Valentines day, but now he’s a confused little boy.

Soon Mardi and Jason were loaded up and on the road.

Mardi and Aztec’s home is a very lovely place with green grass as far as the eye can see. All 3 of the horses below were adopted from us. There is Buddy, Lady and Dakota.

Aztec is going to be spoiled, hopefully not spoiled rotten, but he is going to be spoiled. He had already declared himself king of his new kingdom by the time Mardi arrived. Soon, no doubt,
he will discover that she is bigger than he is. It’s a good thing they both have human mommy’s so they don’t have to share.

The meeting went well, and by the time Jason arrived back at the rescue it was long after dark.

The last donor who finished off the thermometer is the Tazzy Animal Rescue fund in LA. They first gave us the inspiration many years ago about getting our own facility for the rescue. It is quite symbolic that the organization that started our path to a permanent rescue facility put the finishing donation on it. To visit their website, click here.
Many thanks to all of the donors that made today a day that all of us here at the rescue will never forget. Charlotte A. – Kristen D. – E. Carolyn L. – Kyle M. – Nancy H. – Lynne R. – Sheri B. – Camilla M. – Heather R. – Trudi R. – Katt P. – Scott D. – Teresa F. – Lari K . – Lee E. – Kendra S. – James G. – Jodi T. – Linda S. – Margaret O. – Paula G. – Glenn V. – Veronica P. – Misty C. – Elin K. – Jeanne J. – Kimberly P. – Ryan W. – Peggy L. – Betty P. – Iris L. – Anonymous – Dawn B. – Janice O. – Kelly P. – Norma C. – Sue M. – Pamela N. – Richard B. – Kirsten P . – Andrea C. – Jennifer H. – Kathleen T. – Anne G. – Michelle E. – Lois I. – Jenine K . – Melinda M. – Cynthia S. – Lance A. – Kim B. – Gail G. – Phyllis K. – Susan T. – Sharon H. – Dorothy J. – Anita F. – Robi H. – Janet J. – Suzanne P. – Christiane G. – Alice C. – Lisa S. – Anonymous – Logan F. – Susan L . – Sara H. – Lauren S. – Judith S. – Yvonne W. – Sarah G. – Erik and Sally W. – Sharron D. – Jennifer K. – Lori S. – Josh W. – Julia N. – Peg G. – Carla G. – Diane C. – Kristen D. – William E. – Kathleen S. – Shari H. – Tazzy Animal Rescue Fund Inc.

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