This morning was a beautiful morning with the gobbles of two handsome Tom turkey’s letting the world know they were there. They were trying to impress a dozen or so hens who were busy minding their own business. The toms kept looking at each other, trying to figure out who had the best tuxedo on.

All the seeding of the old pen sites has payed off, and it was so beautiful watching a couple of the horses trot through the lush grass before stopping for a little snack..

Our regular Sunday volunteers showed up with a few extra hands on board to help out. Everyone was very excited and impressed with the new sweaters and t-shirts they had made with our name and their name embroidered on them. We tried to get a picture of the shirts, but it turned out blurry. Awesome going guys, we love to see you take pride in your volunteering!
Raja had fun goofing off in the round pen, first rolling (doing everything she could to get attention) then she decided she is a fancy dressage horse and she showed off her moves. Sure enough, it got her some attention!
The babies were moved from the upper barn to the park area for more exposure, hoping that someone will fall in love with them soon. They are such adorable babies are really coming along nicely. The only two that are left are Ethan and Emma!
One of Love Bug’s sponsors came out to play with her today. Love Bug really enjoyed all the extra attention. Love Bug is starting to feel better after her intense dental work and is starting to start to eat really well.
Hefty and Lassie were loaded up on a transporters trailer today. They are going to their adoptive home, they are so lucky!
Tawnee and April headed out to a new horse auction that was starting up in, of all places, Oroville. The place where the auction is held is also for sale, so we’re not sure how long the auctions will last.
People were walking around looking at the horses, some had driven a long ways.
There were only 3 horses there, and only 1 actually sold. The other two had much higher reserves than the crowd was willing to pay.
After the horse auction back to the rescue Tawnee spied a beautiful dark bay horse in a field. She stopped to take a picture. It was a horse that we had rescued, but when we rescued her she was just a baby…
…You can watch her rescue story on YouTube by clicking here. If we had not rescued her, no doubt she would have made her one way horrible trip to Mexico. Auctions are known as places where kb’s will congregate, and the horses will suffer.
Escrow closing is coming soon, and we are all so excited that thanks to your generosity, this new facility will be up and running! We are so excited at the prospect of getting the horses out there, where they will have room to run.
Many thanks to all of our very generous donors, we couldn’t do it without you! Montana H. and Katrina L. donated to help horses. Thank you so much!

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