Tawnee had a meeting with a magazine reporter this morning she off she went while Jason was still doing the morning chores. Love Bug gave us all a bit of a scare this morning, but she seemed to be doing better, so Jason was keeping a close eye on her while Tawnee talked to the reporter.
The meeting had to be moved to a new location as the original meeting location was closed. The meeting went well and La Comida was quite accommodating as Tawnee and Melissa discussed the going-ons at the rescue, Nevada County Animal Control, Phoenix and Napoleon, etc.

From La Comida they went to the new rescue property that is in escrow. Melissa sat back and said “Wow, this is so beautiful.” Tawnee explained to her the hopes and dreams for this property, and she is so supportive.

Tawnee got back to the rescue. She gave Melissa a quick tour and then loaded up Love Bug as it was determined she should go to the vet to be checked out.

Tawnee dropped Melissa off at her car in town. We will look forward to reading her cover story about the rescue.

On the way to the vet Tawnee made a quick stop to load up 3 horses that were being transported to Home at Last. Love Bug still seemed to be doing fine.

The three horses loaded up quickly and without any fuss.

Then it was off to the vet for Love Bug.

Love Bug was given an examination.

A blood test was drawn to determine what was going on inside.

The blood in the tube wouldn’t coagulate and acted very strange. Not a good sign. The blood work showed that she was very ill and needed a blood transfusion. Upon further examination she was diagnosed with Ethmoid Hematoma. This is a condition that would repeat itself over and over again. Love Bug was already in an emaciated state when she came to us from Animal Control, and was having a very hard time recovering. She was recovering from her recent dental, and Sunday was a really good day for her. She even felt like trotting around! It was so hard to see her go down so far and so fast in 12 hours. The vet described the process that could be done to try to help her recover from this episode. It could be easily $1,500, and she might not make it, and certainly would have another episode of bleeding, needing transfusions, etc in the future. We have never come across a case like this before in our 7 years of rescuing. Tawnee wanted a little bit of time to think about Love Bug, and to make some phone calls, to figure out what would be best.
While the blood test was being done for Love Bug, Tawnee noticed two of our gelding certificates in the office.

There were two stallions waiting to be gelded. These were mini’s. Notice the little brown smudge to the right of the big one in this picture.

This little stallion is so adorable, just a little tiny mini! We are sorry to tell Macho Man that he is not the smallest mini around anymore, this guy is little and oh-so-cute.

It’s amazing how small he looks standing next to the normal sized mini.

Heading up to Home at Last 100 things were going through Tawnee’s mind. She desperately wished she could make all of Love Bug’s problems disappear.

The happy horses at Home at Last greeted Tawnee with wide eyes, wondering who the big rescue rig was bringing home today!

The horses had been fostered out from Home at Last, and the foster home was no longer able to keep them. They were happy to see their old friends at the sanctuary. Tawnee had a talk with Jim and Donna, who gently reminded her that we cannot save all the horses. We can only do our best and know that they knew love and kindness.

Back at the vet Tawnee gave the ok and said a sad “Goodbye” to Love Bug. This poor little horse had such a terrible short life. She had been starved, abandoned on the side of the road, picked up by Animal Control, brought to the rescue, had the most extensive dental work done that we have ever done, and then ended up getting Ethmoid Hematoma and having to be put to sleep for it, all in her short 3 years of life. Rest in peace Love Bug, we love you, this breaks our heart. It really hurts us all here at the rescue, she had a home lined up, they were out visiting her just yesterday, there was just nothing that could be done for poor sweet Love Bug.

Despite having a hard day, the bright beautiful sunset warmed Tawnee’s heart and reminded her that there is still beauty in the world and that tomorrow is a new day.

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