This morning was a beautiful morning, the oak trees are just beginning to get their leaves. Everything looked so fresh and clean.

Tacoma was excited and jumping for joy as a potential adopter was scheduled to come see him this morning. He really had his hooves crossed that this is the right match.

Life at the rescue changes from day to day. You never know what you’ll be doing from one minute to the next. We thought today was all scheduled out with potential adopter coming out and a horse being surrendered. Then Tawnee replied to a phone call and the days events changed. There was a horse and his friend who seemed to be abandoned. They would periodically come onto some folks place. Tawnee decided to take panels up to their location, take a couple riding horses, to see if the horse and his buddy could be found.

Tacoma’s potential adopter still hadn’t shown up, and as she was a few hours late by this time, Tawnee decided to go ahead and head out, leaving Jason to show Tacoma.

When Tawnee made it to the top of the hill, Tacoma’s adopter was just arriving. She apologized, explaining that she had gotten lost. Tawnee assured her it was quite ok. Tacoma pretty much showed himself to her, we hope that it is a wonderful match, but she is looking at other horses so she will let us know if Tacoma is the lucky guy or not.

After Tacoma’s potential adopter left, Scotty’s long journey to the rescue was finally over. He is 14 years old, registered QH gelding, trained to ride, registered name Scotta Step out of Scotta Dash by Steppin for the Moon. Now before you rush to Paypal to put a hold on awesome Scotty, he has sensitive feet and currently has an orthopedic shoe on his front right, we will be evaluating his condition.

Scotty is a very sweet boy, let’s hope his feet can be figured out.

When Scotty’s old owner drove away, he lowered his head on the panel and watched him drive off, you could almost see a tear in his eye, no doubt wondering if he would ever see him again, wondering if he was at a good place or not.

Meanwhile Tawnee was on the road.

She met up with Fluffy, the actress that got attacked during the promo video filmings, who wanted to volunteer on this rescue. She is planning on coming down to film some more, but she had just enough time to go help out this afternoon.

When Tawnee arrived at the destination, Boaz and Chance were unloaded (please keep in mind these horses belong to the Preisner family.) They were prepared for a ride-about to see if the stray horse could be found.

Tawnee says there needs to be more rescues like this where her and her horse can go for a ride.

There was evidence that a horse had been hanging out a lot in the area, but no sight of the abandoned horse could be found.

The trail pretty much disappeared, and they were picking their way through the brush.

There were still some signs of the horse. Tawnee and Fluffy did get a fleeting glimpse of him, but he was too shy and the terrain was too rough. Tawnee and Fluffy were hoping that the sight of another horse would draw him in, and it did attract his attention, but it wasn’t quite the right recipe.

It was decided that the panels would be set up and left. The folks who spotted the horse would keep an eye out, and if he came their way again, they would try to lure him into the pen with grain and shut the gate. It sounds easy enough, let’s hope it works for him and his buddy.

Then the oddest thing happened, something that has never happened that Tawnee can remember: they wanted to clean out the horse trailer! How thoughtful.

The horses waited patiently as they worked on cleaning out the trailer. How truly thoughtful of them. But…

…they had ulterior motives. They have some worms, and they thought the trailer shavings would be highly beneficial to their worm farm. They even gave the rescue a bag of worm castings and 2 bottles of worm tea. Just in case you’re wondering, you don’t drink this tea, it’s for flowers to drink. We are looking forward to putting the worm castings and tea to use on the new facility to make it shine!

Keep your fingers crossed that the horse and his buddy will find their their way back to these folks place, be able to be lured into the pen, and brought to safety!
On the way back to the rescue Tawnee saw a very pretty sunset. Tawnee says she still can’t wait to see a sunset at the new rescue location!

Today’s Ebay Giving Works item is a handmade Horses crib quilt. It is oh so adorable, it’s only $9.99, and 10% of the sale price goes to help the horses at the rescue! To view this item, click here.

Many thanks to all of our wonderful supports, we would like to especially mention todays horse heroes who donated: Gail G., Jennifer B., Susan R., Lori R., Pamela M. Thank you so much!

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