Today’s plans were to make a 250 mile one way trip to pick up a horse that was being surrendered. Plans never work as you want… You all remember that yesterday Tawnee set up the catch pen? This morning she got the call that the horse and his buddy were in the pen. Tawnee went out, got the truck going, and started off as Emma drowsily got up and looked on with wonder, while Ethan had the look of “Why is there so much racket going on this early?”
The trip to the trap pen was quite uneventful.

We would like to thank Rosie’s Remedies for donating the funds some months ago to purchase extra panels for a catch pen. This is the second rescue where the panels were a vital aspect of the rescue. Please note that as these are seemingly abandoned animals, we have to keep their identities private for the mandatory holding time. It was nice to see them standing there in the catch pen with a curious look of “What’s happening now?”

They both waited patiently to be loaded. But…

…the panels had to be loaded first.
The signs of neglect are so prevalent. There is no excuse for any animal to have hooves like this.

Thankfully they loaded up easily. Tawnee was worried that the long hooves may make loading difficult, but (s)he was very willing to get into the trailer.

On the way back to the rescue Tawnee stopped by the vet to get some advice for the proper care of these guys.

Back at the rescue volunteers were waiting and ready to help unload them. They were all appalled at their condition.

It has been awhile since we’ve had hooves like these at the rescue, it’s just so sad.

These are the front.

And these are the back. We were told a month ago both back hooves were long, but recently one of them cracked off.

The saddest part of it all is there is absolutely no excuse, especially when you can easily pick up the hoof and (s)he’ll stand there calmly. Some people think they have an excuse because their horse will not lift his feet up and is bad for the farrier, but there is no excuse for this.

After they were settled in, it was time to head out to pick up a horse that was being surrendered. But, of course something else had to happen, and this time it was Dottie. She didn’t seem to be feeling her chipper self, so it was decided to take her out to the vet for evaluation.

She is so cute!

She is a real trooper and loaded right up into the trailer. She always appreciates it when we back up to a bank and she doesn’t have to hop into the trailer.

At the vet she unloaded and looked around. Last time she was here she got a dental done. She probably wondered what she was in for this time.

The vet examined her and found that she had a fever and started treating her immediately.

Her tummy was upset and she was given the proper medication. She will remain at the vet for monitoring for a couple days.

Then Jason and Tawnee hit the road for a 250 mile one way trip.

Jason drove on and on and on…

Finally they arrived at Harris farms where a horse was waiting for them to pick up. What a beautiful ranch!

And such beautiful barns!
In one of the stalls is our newest edition. Paulasahorseonya is such a beautiful girl with such a long name. We will call her Paula for short.
She was on the track just 2 days ago.
She is truly a beautiful athlete.

Driving out the driveway, Jason and Tawnee just had to stop and look one last time at the acre after acre of lush green pasture with happy horses romping in the huge pens.
As the sun set they drove on.

Paula is a very good girl in the trailer and is very quiet for the ride.

Late into the night it’s driving driving driving…

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