Last night Jason and Tawnee spent the night at a layover ranch. It was just getting too late and no doubt Paula would rather stretch her legs than keep traveling. Weary eyes can only stay open so long.

Paula definitely enjoyed her pasture and in the morning she pretended to race here and there.

Then she trotted around and around and took in all the sights.

She is a very beautiful girl with a very pretty face.

In fact, all around she is so gorgeous. All horses are so beautiful, but she just has an extra shine about her.

At the rescue, our farrier was ready to get everyone trimmed up.

The horses were really letting everyone know which hooves needed to be done first. All the horses are really feeling good with the warm weather, winter is passed and everyone is glad for that.

The farrier got right to work on the horse and his buddy who came in yesterday.

The hooves that were long and overgrown yesterday…

…are now starting the journey to being normal once again.

Our farrier was scheduled to come out a few weeks ago, but due to rain and snow, it was delayed. It’s nice to have everyone caught up once again.

Many thanks to Sheri B. of her support!

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