This morning Rachel was the first volunteer at the rescue. She was able to socialize with the babies for awhile. The more one on one time they can have with people, the better. Emma is such a sweet girl, just waiting for a home.

Peggy was the next volunteer, and she took it upon herself to groom all the horses today. She got right to work on Scotty.

Then Cathy, Amy, Brenda, April and Larry showed up. Most of the mornings chores were already done, but there was still some more manure to shovel around for them. Dottie was going to be coming home from the vet today, so it was decided to rake up Dottie and Macho Man’s pen so everything would be perfect for her when she came back.

About the time Rachel was leaving a truck and trailer were pulling into the rescue.

This beautiful girl is named Sierra. We are going to have her checked out by our vet as she has been diagnosed as having navicular.

She was a good girl and didn’t mind being tucked into a nice comfy stall that was just waiting for her. The nice rubber mats and shavings gave her feet a nice rest.

Peggy was still hard at work, but she was making great headway in getting every handleable horse groomed up. Fooler really enjoyed his special grooming job.

There was hair everywhere! With spring coming on, the horses are really starting to shed out their winter coats.

All you have to do is scratch a little bit and piles of hair comes flying off.

With every stroke of the brush, and every massage, the horses would get that “Ahhh” look in their eye as their nose would twitch with delight.

Tacoma had a potential adopter come out to look at him. They spent a lot of time together and she really seemed to like him. She put a $50 hold on him and submitted her adoption application today. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that this is the right home for this awesome boy.

Another trailer pulled in to the rescue. The first words out of the guys mouth was “Wow, you guys are way out here!” Tawnee was tickled pink to say “Well, not for much longer. The rescue will be moving very soon.” What amazing words! This guy was bringing a horse in that was supposed to come to the last euthanasia clinic, but couldn’t make it. It’s really sad when a horse comes in for the euthanasia clinic, but it’s good to know that they are given a quality of life assessment, and if they have a good quality of life, they come into the adoption program so we can give them a great chance of finding their forever home.

Macho Man gave his roll of approval to the nicely raked pen. No doubt he was wondering about Dottie, wondering where she was and if she was OK. Dottie wasn’t feeling good last week and she spent the weekend at the vet to make sure she was doing ok.

Finally all the visitors were gone at the rescue and Tawnee headed out. Then it started to sprinkle a bit. With the spring weather you never know what it is going to do.

On the way out, Tawnee caught out the corner of her eye a horse that was not supposed to be in the place it was. It was in a garden and Tawnee knew that no horse is welcome in a garden. She called April and Larry so they could monitor the situation until she could get back from the vet.

Dottie was happy to see Tawnee, and soon they were both headed back to where Tawnee had seen the horse. By the time they arrived, the gardener had found the horse and got a rope on him.

He walked the horse over to Tawnee, handed the rope to NER staff and said “Here you go.” He was more than happy to get the horse out of his garden. Tawnee got on the phone and made a flurry of phone calls. Getting in touch with Animal Control on a Sunday is pretty rough. She did manage to get authorization to take the horse.

Thankfully the horse loaded up easily. We are getting really tired of having to blur out pictures. Please keep your horses in their pen so we quit picking up strays!

We would really like to thank Larry, April, Amy and Brenda for their assistance on this rescue. It was greatly appreciated. Since the small trailer is touchy about where the horses are loaded, and requires the weight to be in front, Dottie had to be loaded in the back behind the stray horse in her own compartment.

By the time Tawnee got back to the rescue the sun was starting to set. She took a picture and thought to herself “There won’t be too many more sunset pictures at the old rescue location.”

We are so happy to have our adorable little mascot back with us. Stop scaring us with these almost colic episodes.

She was happy to be home and we’re not sure if she noticed the pen had been raked for her or not, but she is back to being boss of her domain.

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Many thanks to Pamela N., Lynn E., Melissa D., Erin K., Omar S. for their very generous donations this weekend.

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