A couple people at the rescue have braces on to keep the pain down. Tawnee is wearing the wrist brace and a volunteer, Amee, is wearing the knee brace. Pain doesn’t keep the spirits down, and everyone was ready for a big day. They are both old injuries that were simply causing discomfort and of course, they were injuries due to horses.

Emily unfortunately could not stay at her adoptive home and needed to be picked up. April and Larry volunteered to go get her, and soon the trailer had some panels on and was ready to go. Cathy and Amee also went with to help.

Jason and Tawnee met with the Realtor first thing after the chores were done to make sure that everything was on schedule for the closing. It was going to be the big day, and everyone wanted to make sure everyone else was still happy with the process.
From the property Jason and Tawnee went to Chase to get the Cashiers check to close escrow.
Soon the big check was in hand. It seems like a huge amount of money to Jason and Tawnee, and every dollar was made possible by your generosity for the new rescue facility. We cannot thank you enough for doing what you could, skipping out on your Odwalla drinks, etc, to make this possible. Jason and Tawnee were trying to use their good credit to get a all-inclusive manufactured home loan to purchase the property, but it came down to where time was running out. There was an assumable first note on the property, so with the down payment of $33,718.14, the rescue now owes right about $35,000 on the property, with payments of $350 per month. It will be a little rougher starting out this way, and we will be launching some initial fundraisers to get the property up and going, but in the end it will be much much cheaper.
From the Bank the next stop was the title company.
After reviewing all of the paperwork, Jason and Tawnee signed the paperwork and NorCal Equine Rescue is the new owner of 20 acres of land. The property is 100% in NorCal Equine Rescue’s name. This is such an exciting day! Since our founding in 2003, the rescue has begged, borrowed and leased its facilities. Today, that has all changed.
From the Title company Jason and Tawnee went back out to the property. It is located at 86 Four Junes Way, Oroville. Jason just couldn’t wait to pull the “for sale” sign.
There was some nominal rubbish on the land, some barbed wire and other miscellaneous metal on the ground they wanted to clean up.
Thankfully the ground is quite solid and they were able to drive the trailer to where the little bits of junk was. It was just old fencing remnants from years past.
Even though she is wearing a wrist brace today, Tawnee still helped load metal into the trailer.
Jason put the bigger pieces of metal into the trailer.
On and on they cleaned for a few hours…
…until the trailer was almost full and the ground was clean.
From the property Jason and Tawnee headed to the dump to take care of the junk.
Barbed wire is no fun unloading, but it needed to be done.
Pile after pile of junk came out of the horse trailer. Soon though, it was clean and now the new property is completely free of metal rubbish.

Emily made it back to the rescue safely just about the time that Jason and Tawnee made it back. She is such a cute little girl and now she needs a home.

It seems that everything comes in waves. And we are in the abandoned horse wave. Yet another couple horses were dumped on someones property. Tawnee and a group of volunteers headed out to pick them up.

That makes a total of 5 abandoned horses that have been picked up recently. It is quite interesting how things go in waves.
The abandoned horses are tucked in nicely. Brenda enjoyed leading one of them to its pen. By now you’re used to the blurred out photos. We are hoping it will change very soon!
Thank you all for your support both emotional and financial. Without your generosity, the new property would never be a shelter for the horses. We cannot possibly thank you enough!

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