Well the first fundraiser since the property was purchased has been kicked off. This fundraiser is vitally important as we cannot put a single horse on the new facility without having water. At this new facility we are going to be as environmentally conscious and eco-friendly as possible. One of the big ways we can do this, without incurring any more cost, is to install a solar water pump. We currently have use of 2 solar panels, so all we need is to get the well drilled and a solar water pump. The rescue already has a 3,000 gallon reserve water tank. And to top it all off, we have the backup generator donated by Honda, in case more water needs to be pumped. We are very excited to have free water without the recurring monthly expense of a PG&E bill. In the long run, more money for the horses.
We need $7,000 to get the well drilled and the pump put in. Without the manufactured home mortgage we are having to pay cash for everything, and we really need your help to get it set up and going. Please click here.
We haven’t had some updates about adopted horses posted in awhile, so we will be sharing some with you tonight. They have been coming in regularly, but due to the hectic schedule they just haven’t made it into the blog.
First off, Jake is doing great in his new home. Just look at that handsome boy!

Jake’s mommy says that some day she will show all her friends that just because a horse is rescued doesn’t mean anything. They can run with the best of them.

Next is a group of 4 lovely horses. Twirl was the most recent one added to this family. She came into one of our euthanasia clinics, came into our adoption program and quickly found a home. She really fits right in with the NER alumni.

These two, also seen in the picture above, were adopted prior to Twirl joining their family. This photo was taken last year. As you can see, Twirl joins a very lovely family.

You can tell this boy knows he is a looker!

Lastly, here is three of the horses from the picture above on a trail ride together. Comet and Paaso were adopted March 2009 and River (in the middle) adopted Daniel in October 2008. They were riding on the Olmstead Trail in Cool, CA. Thanks for giving these horses such a wonderful home!

After the morning chores were done it was off to the new property as Jason and Tawnee had an appointment.

The property was still there, it seemed even greener and more inviting, minus all the wire.

But wait, what is that? Yes, 20 acres is a large area to comb looking for bits of fencing, and Jason and Tawnee missed some yesterday.

Tawnee rolled it up and set it off to the side ready to be picked up for the dump. No doubt staff and volunteers will find bits of wire here and there, but they will make sure it is all picked up before the horses set hoof on the place.

Jason and Tawnee met with the well drillers to discuss placement and pricing. We were very encouraged by the words that water was only 110′ down and there is lots of it. If we wanted to get a piece of property with plenty of water, we picked the right one they said.

Jason and Dave went over the contract.

They graciously waived the $1,000 deposit, but now we have to do our part and fundraise fundraise fundraise for the well! As soon as the well is drilled they need their money right then and there. And they are going to start drilling in a day or two…

Finally everything was signed and in order, so Jason headed out to the next step of getting water on the property.

Butte County Environmental Health is more than happy to take $328 for the well permit.

We received a wonderful package, what could be in it?

Inside was some very lovely hand crafted jewelry to put up on Ebay. We’ve had a lot of items donated recently to be put up on Ebay. The problem is, Jason and Tawnee are far to busy to list the items on Ebay, so they have found someone that is willing to post items on Ebay for a small commission. If you would like to sell items on Ebay and donate a percentage, just click the link and press the sell button. Click here.

On the way back to the rescue from getting the well permit, Jason came around the corner and saw some creatures in the road. This wave has got to stop, these can’t be more stray horses!

Thankfully they were just so
me cows wandering around the road looking for greener grass on the other side of the fence. This wave of stray horses has been really crazy, we have been able to identify one of the owners for one of the horses that came into the rescue Sunday.

This blogs Ebay Giving Works item is a 13 piece lot of Hollister Ambercrombie American Eagle. 10% of the sale price goes to the rescue! Click here.

Please, if you have a few extra dollars, please consider donating to get fresh clean cool water to the horses at the new property. We all saw how everyone coming together got the property down payment raised in less than 24 hours. We can do it for the well too! We all just need to come together and donate what we can, every dollar really does help! Click here. Thank you in advance for your generosity.

Many thanks to Gail G. for her generous donation and to the two different people who put Paula and Sierra on hold today. Let’s hope that Paula and Sierra can go home soon! They are both going to the vet on Friday to get checked out, hopefully everything is as good on the inside as they are beautiful on the outside.

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