We cannot possibly express our gratitude for your continued support and dedication to getting the new property set up for the horses. The well fund is currently at $355! Thank you so much!
The three little babies managed to find their way out today and were enjoying the green grass.

They definitely thought they were something else and enjoyed racing around like wild mustangs on the open range. How cute they are! Emily, Ethan and Emma are all waiting for their forever home. They are brother and sisters, all had the same daddy.

It seems that they figured out how to open their gate, knock it down and off they went.

We got a call this morning from some folks who were no longer able to care for their horse. They knew they no longer had the financial ability to properly care for their beloved horse, and instead of waiting too long, they made the hard call for help. The truck and trailer were hooked up and ready to go.

While Tawnee grabbed the paperwork in the office Parcy looked on with wonder. He looked like he wanted to come in and scrounge around for some snacks.

Speaking of cows, the cows that were wandering around yesterday are still loose, making it farther and farther down the road, ever seeking the greener blade of grass.

Tawnee wondered what the horse’s condition would be. You never know what to expect when you head out on a rescue.

Soon she arrived to find Dolly waiting patiently for her. Dolly is a very sweet girl.

Apparently it took them a couple hours of chasing her around her 15 acre pasture to finally catch her. They wanted to have her ready to go by the time Tawnee got there, and sure enough, she was tied up. Guess no halter was to be found as she was tied up with a makeshift halter.

Dolly reminds us a lot of Spring Bo, but she is far from the condition of Spring Bo. The difference between Dolly and Spring Bo is Spring Bo’s owner said “That’s how life is, horses get old, they get skinny, they go down and you shoot them.” Dolly’s owners made the right choice, no matter how hard, to keep her from suffering an agonizing death.

Dolly was a little reluctant to get into the trailer. Tawnee coaxed and coaxed her.

Finally with a little encouragement she loaded up.

On the way back to the rescue Tawnee spotted some beautiful flowers: California Poppy’s.

She just had to stop to smell the flowers and to take a picture to share with you.

Tawnee arrived back at the rescue. A truck was waiting at the gate. Who could it be? They were the folks who were looking for the last strays that we picked up. It seems that some hunters cut their fence and let the horses out. We’re not sure how the horses managed to make it a couple miles to where we picked them up, but they did!

First things first, Dolly had to be unloaded. She took a big look at her new surroundings.

They were quite happy to see their horse and pony safe and sound.

In no time at all they were loaded up in the trailer so Jason could take them back where they belong.

The pony seemed quite happy to be back with folks he knew. We are hoping that the stray horse episode will stop. We are so glad we were able to find the owners for these two.

Dolly settled right in and is quite a cute girl. She will be checked out by our vet, we are hoping she needs a dental to help her gain weight. A dental will cost about $200, please consider donating to help get Dolly on her way to recovery. The people who owned Dolly were unable to donate any funds to help care for her, we are counting on you! To donate, click here. Any funds above what Dolly directly needs will go in the Helping Horses fund to help horses just like Dolly.

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Many thanks to everyone that donated today! Donna A – Sheri B. – Joy G. – Diane P. – Lari K. – Jennifer H. – Norma C. – Margaret D. all donated today, thank you so much!

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