The well fundraiser is well underway but still needs some fluid to fill the thermometer up to the top! Thanks to the generosity of many donors, it is currently at $510 with a goal of $7,000 to have the well drilled and a renewable energy solar pump put in. If anyone would like to start a matching donation fund, that would be absolutely lovely! The well driller believes we will have 20-30 gallons a minute, and with the solar pump rated at 25 gallons a minute or so, can you imagine the beautiful green pasture this can provide? Free water with no dependence on the electric company! Please help out if you can, click here.

We received a great update on Jake recently that we would like to share with you. “Hello dear friends. Just sharing a pic of Jake and the woman in his life, Miss KoKo. They are so fond of each other! Jake is a gentleman when I go out to seperate them, however. What a sweet boy he is and he is settling in nicely. Snce getting his teeth worked on he has filled out alot! What a joy to have him. Thank you, again, for making my life better with him.” Thank you so much for giving Jake such a great home!

It was a beautiful morning at the rescue, with just the right amount of sun. One of Paula’s racing plates had fallen off, so she needed some hoof care.
Susan, one of our supporters, came out this morning to volunteer her expertise. She is a barefoot trimmer and is so happy to volunteer. It was so great to have her help today. She was very happy to tend to Paula right away.
The regular crew of volunteers showed up like clockwork to get the stalls sparkling clean. Last Sunday Jason and Tawnee had the stalls done before they came, and they weren’t too happy about that. Today they showed up a bit early to get a jump on it.
Some of the first physical preparations for the move started today. It’s really happening! The shelters that Jason and all the volunteers put up were taken down.
Alex worked and worked to get it done today. Hopefully soon Alex will be the part time or full time ranch hand at the new facility.
Susan enjoyed trimming Emma. She’s needed a few people to encourage her that everything is OK, but she quickly got the idea.
She kind of had the look of “Oh, why me?” She is definitely the kind of girl that doesn’t want to hang out at the salon all day long.
Alex continued taking down shelters and moving all the parts to a central location so it will be easier to load up and haul over to the new facility.
Dottie and Macho Man got their first baths of the year. They were pretty good for their baths and seemed to enjoy it.
After her bath, Dottie ran around like a dog that had just had a bath. Running, jumping, bucking, around and around she went. Her bath sure was the highlight of her week! Of course she rolled and got dirty right away.
Some potential adopters came out to visit the horses. They didn’t find the perfect match today, but said they would keep an eye on the blog, hoping to find that perfect horse.
Strider has been inching his way into the heart of one of the volunteers. She decided today that life cannot go on without Strider in her pasture, and she has adopted him. Way to go Strider!
After all the visitors left, Tawnee loaded Strider up into the trailer for his trip to his new home. He had the look of “Where are we going now?”
Little did he know on the way that a nice green pasture was waiting for him. He has a very pretty pasture to roam around in, and he seemed truly happy. He just couldn’t believe his eyes, what a lucky boy!
We would like to thank everyone that fills the mailbox up with delightful surprises. Recently we received an envelope that was packed full of goodies. Two of our self addressed stamped envelopes had been returned so we could reuse them, and some Simpson stamps so we could send out more Thank-You cards. There was a whole bunch of other neat stuff in there too. Thank you so much Eileen!
This blogs eBay giving works item is a Cowboy Hardware Vest for the little guy in your life. It is sized 18 months. Such a cute outfit this could make! To view this item, click here.
Many thanks to Eileen G., Yvonne W., Sara H., Stanley M., Lance A., Constance W., Natlie K., Mary G., Irene C., Judy H. for their very generous donations over the weekend! We couldn’t do it without your support, thank you thank you thank!!!

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