We received a very exciting phone call first thing this morning: the well driller was on the way! No, the fundraiser has not been finished for the well, but we are hoping that the funds will come in before the bill arrives in the mail. The total amount raised so far is $810, out of $7,000 needed. Jason and Tawnee headed off to watch the well be drilled, while April and Larry, and a couple others, did the morning chores.

When they arrived, they were greeted by some new sights at the new facility: purple flowers. There were thousands of them blanketing the entire property! So beautiful.

The drilling rig was sitting there but no operator was to be found. Jason and Tawnee had waited years for a good well for the horses, so a few more minutes wouldn’t hurt.

Soon the support rig came rumbling in through the entry.

Within moments the boom was being raised to drill the well. What exciting times!

Soon the boom was vertical, all the equipment was checked one last time, and the big moment came.

The bit touched the ground, a hiss of air and water came out, and down it went.

If flowers can look, they would have been watching the well being drilled too.

On and on they worked, drilling, casing, doing what they do to put a good well in the ground. Jason documented it on video and there will be a video on YouTube within a couple days.

At about 60′ down water started coming out of the hole from the groundwater. It’s always a great sign when water starts coming up and out the top of the ground around the drill bit.

After the chores were done at the rescue, the faithful volunteers came out to watch the excitement.

As the bit went deeper, the amount of water coming out the top kept getting more and more. Soon it was a small river coming up and out, gushing everywhere!

All this water was coming up and out of the well! There were even little waves appearing from all the water.

The men on the well drilling crew kept at their job, making sure that a very good well was put in place.

The well was a huge success: the well driller says it is between 50 – 60 gallons a minute, maybe more, he just can’t test that much. He says it’s the best well in the neighborhood. Just for reference, the most the well puts out at our old rescue location is 3 gallons a minute. Water will not be an issue at the new rescue location! We can give a bath to every horse every day all summer long if we want.
From the new property, Jason, Larry, Tawnee, Amee and April went to the California Animals Response Emergency System meeting in Oroville. They had been invited by the director of public health. The meeting is designed to provide an overview of the CARES (California Animal Response Emergency System) program and provide information regarding CARES strategic planning, goals and objectives. The planning is in support of the National Response Framework, Emergency Support Functions (ESF) 6, 8, and 11 that allow for the emergency assistance, shelter, and care for animals in all classifications. Butte County is one of 5 counties in California that have been chosen to participate in the pilot program.

The head of equine medicine at UC Davis was there to present the information on how UC Davis is working with Cal-EMA to work on a plan for animals in emergencies (fires, floods, earthquakes, etc.)

After the lectures and discussion they had a short quiz gathering information on local resources. We are so excited to be a part of disaster planning, we hope soon to have all of our volunteers trained to the level they need so each and every one of us can be called upon in a state of emergency to assist with animal evacuation and sheltering. Jason and Tawnee are already trained on a national level, it’s time to catch all the other volunteers up.

It was also a great time for networking, which Larry and Jason were great at.

North Valley Animal Disaster Group had their disaster trailers there.

Inside is stocked full of things that are needed during times of crisis.

Butte County also has a trailer dedicated to animal emergency response.

From the meeting Tawnee headed back out to the property to measure the static water level.

Tawnee discovered some wonderful arena sand. It looked like it was mud while the well drilling rig was there, but once it had dried up, it was beautiful sand. Too bad it’s so far under the ground. The water level is about 20′ down. There’s water water water, what an amazing blessing.

Tawnee says the sunset photos will be absolutely gorgeous out there. This is the closest we have gotten, even though the sun is not setting in this picture. No doubt there will be long days put in setting up the new facility, and the sunset pictures will surely come.

What an exciting day, and we would like to thank you all for your support! Emily P., Cindy M., Anonymous, all donated today, thank you so much! Please remember that we have a well bill coming in the mail soon, and desperately need the funds to pay this bill. To help out, and see your name here tomorrow, click here.

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