Thanks to your generosity the well fund is currently at $935. The pump should be ordered tomorrow, so please keep it in your thoughts!
There is a YouTube video of the well being drilled. Watching this video you will feel like you were right there with Jason, Tawnee and the volunteers, watching the well being drilled. To watch it, click here.

This morning we had another load of hay delivered. We are so thankful that the rain held off and they were able to sneak the load out between rain showers.

They got right to work unloading the hay truck and soon it was all neatly stacked inside the temporary hay storage. Our realtor/hay guy sure is happy that he hopefully won’t have to make the bumpy road to this rescue location anymore. Hopefully the next hay load will be taken to the new facility.

While the hay was being unloaded Tawnee was hard at work loading a couple horses to go out to the vet for their pre-adoption exam. First of all was Paula, she is such a gorgeous girl! Sierra also went to the vet for her pre-adoption exam, but didn’t make it in the pictures.

Next it was Dolly’s turn to be loaded into the rescue rig. We had some real concerns about Dolly’s quality of life and wanted her to be examined by our vet.

It was such a beautiful morning with a crisp blue sky.

We have a new face that came into our organization today. This is Phoenix, a 2-3 year old stallion that came to us from Animal Control. He is now waiting for his gelding operation so he can come back to the rescue so he can find his loving forever home.

Jason meanwhile had picked up volunteer Alex then rented a flatbed trailer. We would like to thank Surplus City Fun Center for reducing the rental cost by 30%. We really appreciated it! From there they met up with Tawnee at the vet so they could all go get an item that is in short supply at the new rescue facility…

…shelters. This one had been blown over so the roof was on the ground, but we got it for a good deal. With no trees at the new facility, shelters are very needed.

Jason, Alex and the owner of the shelter worked quite busily on the shelter, taking it apart one piece at a time.

Soon it was all on the flatbed trailer and the ropes were being tied down.

Back at the vet Paula was waiting to be loaded up to head back. The vet declares her a wonderful horse with a good potential at dressage and trails. She came to us with injuries from the racetrack. She showed signs of left front stress fractures of the dorsal surface of MCII and left hind fibula fracture. She is just fine now, and she needs a little time to sit back, be a horse and forget those racing days. She is in adoption pending. Many of our horses don’t make it up on the adoption available page, as shortly after they are shown on the blog people put an adoption hold on them. If you see a horse you like on the blog, contact us right away!

Soon she was loaded up along with Sierra. The vet says Sierra will be fine for a pasture pet with occasional light riding. Sadly Molly had far more complications and health problems than we realized. Dolly had severe dental problems, hardly any front teethe were left, and what teethe were left were constantly biting her tongue. She had a waved mouth and other dental complications as well. Her major problem was, however, she was experiencing liver failure and there was nothing that could be done for sweet Molly. She was a very sweet girl, but we are comforted to know that her suffering is over.

From the vet they headed out to the new facility to unload the new shelter.

In no time at all they were at the new property ready to unload the trailer. The first item to arrive at the new facility.

Jason and Alex got right to work and soon the trailer was all empty once again.

And now for the long awaited sunset photo. Not the greatest Tawnee says, but it is pretty!

It was quite dark when they were all heading back to the rescue. We would like to thank Butte County Public works for grading half of Dunstone, hopefully they finish the other half tomorrow!

But the horses needed to be unloaded and tucked into waiting stalls.

And then, as if working until 8:00 pm isn’t late enough, Jason and Alex had the ‘bright’ idea of gettin
g the 3,000 gallon water tank loaded onto the rental trailer.

First it was tipped over on its side.

Then it was rolled down the hill ever so carefully and slowly. Jason and Alex did not want to be pancakes underneath a runaway water tank!

Then it was loaded onto the trailer were it is sitting, waiting to be hauled out to the new facility tomorrow.

Many thanks to Emily P. – Gail G. – Heather R. – Pamela N. – Judy A. for their extremely generous donations today. You are the vital lifeblood of the rescue!

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