Daylight this morning found Jason tying down the water tank onto the flatbed trailer so it could be hauled out to the new property. It seems that the list of things that are going to have to be done before a horse can even step foot on the new property is daunting.

Tawnee then came up with the idea of loading more large, bulky things onto the trailer. Jason backed the trailer up to the bank to make loading that much easier.

Tawnee tipped the first feeder up so it could be rolled…
…while Jason rolled “Tina’s Feeder” towards the waiting trailer.
Soon they were on the trailer and ready to head out. Jason keeps thinking it sure would be nice for the rescue to actually own a trailer similar to this one…
Out at the rescue the feeders really looked quite small in comparison to the sprawling grasslands.
The water storage tank is sitting a few feet from the well, just waiting for the pump to be installed. Soon it will be holding a reserve of water for the horses.
The tank too looked really small compared to the size of the property. What a wonderful place to build a rescue facility to shelter thousands and thousands of horses through the coming years!
From the new facility Jason headed to Surplus City Fun Center to return the rented trailer. Again, we can’t thank them enough for reducing the rental cost by 30% for the rescue! It was a simple unhook, poke your head in the door to let them know it’s back, and leave operation. Nice people to work with.
Tawnee visited a very lovely gelding at the vet this afternoon named Phoenix. He was in yesterdays blog as a stallion, but, he’s now a handsome gelding. People have inquired about him, and all we know so far is that he is 2-3 years old, halter broke, has some good manners, is very sweet and truly loves people. He is ready for someone to adopt him and give him a great home filled with treats, love and the further training he needs. He will be coming to the rescue soon.
Tawnee literally spent most of the day requesting donations of 3 rail white vinyl fencing from fencing companies. We are asking that each fencing company donates 20′ or more. Let’s keep our fingers crossed, it would be so lovely to have the front of the new facility in white fencing wouldn’t it?
CNN did a very lovely video about the wild horse roundups. It was a very informative video, with lots of jaw-dropping video. We highly recommend this video if you have a few minutes and want to see some behind-the-scenes footage of what really goes on. To watch it, click here.
The pump has been ordered for the new property! We would like to thank Backwoods Solar for not only having the cheapest price on the internet, but for answering their phones and questions about the pumps. Jason remembers Backwoods Solar catalogs from when he was a kid in the early 80’s, and upon checking, they have been in business since 1978. They know what they are talking about when they answer the phones, because each employee lives in an off-grid home. To view their website, click here.
Speaking about the well, the drilling bill came in today. Instead of the $4,000 – $5,000 we were dreading, the total bill came out to $3,310. Thanks to David and Son Well drilling for doing a great job on the well. With the pump being reasonably priced too, we have reduced the fundraiser to fit the bills: $5,300. We weren’t sure exactly what it would cost before, but now we have the totals. Thanks to your generosity we have raised $1,110 so there is only $4,190 left to go! If you can help provide the water for the rescued horses at the new location, click here.

This blogs eBay Giving Works item is a Pink Cat Safety collar. It is oh so adorable, it’s only $4.99 and a full 50% of the sale price goes to help the rescue! To bid on this cute collar, click here.
Many thanks to Denise L., Lance A., Glenn V., Joni M., and L Diane M. for their extremely generous donations today! We greatly appreciate all of your support, both financial and emotional.

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