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This morning Sam was going to be checked out by the vet, and Phoenix, the recently gelded stallion, was coming to the rescue. Tawnee just had to stop and give Parcy some loving. Sam kind of had the look of “Hey, this is my day, stop messing with the cow.”

Parcy is definitely getting to be quite the big boy.
Sam was a good boy, and after Tawnee was done doting on Parcy, he loaded right up.
Then it was off to the vet.
When Tawnee arrived at the vet she heard the words “We’ve been trying to get in touch with you, let’s put Sam in a stall.”
It seems there was a poor little goat that desperately needed a blood transfusion. Many of the readers may not know that a goat was born at the rescue back in 2008 who has been a blood donor to save other goats lives on multiple occasions. Today his gift of life was vitally important once again. Tawnee had to drive back to the rescue to pick him up.
Before heading back to the rescue she loaded Phoenix. He is such a sweet boy, he thinks about everything through and then acts responsibly. He really is a little jewel.
At the rescue Phoenix unloaded without a hitch into a waiting pen.
He is really sweet and is now ready for adoption. He is halter trained, very willing, about 14 hands +/-, 2-3 years old. He is up to date on shots, wormings, and just needs some TLC and training so he can blossom into a beautiful adult.
Now it was Mr T’s time to stop munching and get to work.
He got into the trailer without too much fuss.
Back to the vet Tawnee drove once again.
At the vet Sam was being examined.
He has some issues going on with some very private areas. The good news is he should be just fine and it is not life-threatening.
Sam was more than happy to get back into his stall and settle in to what he likes best: eating. Sam came to us from Animal Control, he is about 10 years old and trained to ride. He was abandoned and is working on gaining his weight back.
No doubt Mr T knew why he was at the vet. He had a smug smile on his face as he walked calmly up to the large building.
He waited patiently as if knowing when it was all over there would be a cookie waiting for him. That’s what happens when you donate blood, right?
He was such a good boy as his neck was shaved and scrubbed in preparation.
Soon it was all over and Mr T had donated enough of the lifesaving blood to help the poor little goat. And he got more than one cookie this time too! He is such a good boy.
The little goat was waiting patiently, almost as if knowing something important was happening.
Mr T’s blood was all hooked up for the transfusion and Dr Weaver made sure everything was working properly. She has an amazing ability to bring goats back from the brink of death.
Now we must all keep our fingers crossed for this little goat. Everything that could be done has been done and now it’s up to him. He is a lucky little guy and we wish him the best of luck for a full recovery.
By this time the sun was setting. Tawnee loaded up Sam and Mr T for the trip back to the rescue.
For the last time today Tawnee made the trip between the rescue and the vet.
Back at the rescue Mr T got an extra hug for being such a hero.
Sam was quite happy to get out of the trailer and into a waiting stall with clean water and yummy hay. He was glad the long day was over too!
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