Today was planned out to be a very busy day. It started normal enough with the chores being done and Sierra being loaded up to go to her new home.

Then it was off for the big day!

The first stop was Sierra’s new home. She was so happy to be with her adoptive family. They have adopted from us before.

The latest two that they adopted was Aztec and Marti. They are doing great in their new home.

Two of their other horses they also adopted from us, Lady and Dakota. It is always so nice seeing adopted horses so happy and well cared for. Sierra will fit right in.

They seem to like Paint mares. When they first inquired about Sierra Tawnee said “Yes, she’ll fit right in to your Paint herd.” Sierra seemed very calm and relaxed in her new surroundings.

Tawnee took the laptop and internet today, and was able to keep Facebook updated on the road.

We are hoping to be able to get an iPhone sometime to make keeping Facebook updated while on the road extremely easy. We just haven’t found the extra $30 a month to make it happen. We believe, and the comments echoed our suspicion, that people love reading about the rescues while they are happening. We have over 1,000 fans on Facebook and want to keep our social networking presence growing. If you’re not a fan, click here and become one now. We want to thank Chris for encouraging Jason and Tawnee to start posting on Facebook and Twitter.

There was a lot of driving done today, thankfully the roads were clear and smooth flowing for the most part.

The next stop was soon reached. A 15 year old off the track TB was being surrendered. His barn name is Mack, but his registered name is Moon Castle. He is by Ongoing Mister out of Fran’s Cover Girl. He is trained to ride but does not like guys, he will buck them off. He is just fine with females on his back. We recently had a Chiropractor vet offer to donate her time, so we will have a chiropractic adjustment to see if it helps him out at all.

Mack loaded up like a champ.

Then off to the next stop…

…where it was quite sad. A horse and donkey were being surrendered to the euthanasia clinic. They were both quite old, the donkey, named Jonathan, is 36 years old and the horse, Tawny, is 34 years old. Both were born on the property and had lived their entire lives there. They were no longer able to stay at their home and their owner had to surrender them to us today.

Tawnee says she will never forget this horse as we have never had a horse so close to her name before. The two “Tawnee’s” met. He’s not sure why her name sounds the same, but Tawny, the horse, doesn’t care too much.

The donkey had never been in a trailer before, and yet he loaded up better than most donkey’s, even those that are used to pack on a weekly basis. He is an amazing little guy.

On Facebook Tawnee posted the plea if someone would be willing to give these two at least one last good summer together. They are both relatively healthy and in great shape for their age. We got email message, then a phone call, from Home at Last. The email message said “Tawny and Jonathan have a home at Home At Last. Who could resist anything named Tawny? We’ll have to change Jonathan to Jason, however. Thank you, NorCal for 2 more loves in our lives.” It definitely warms our hearts to know that Tawny and Jonathan have wonderful lives ahead of them at Home at Last.

Tawny stuck his nose out of the trailer when they were pulling away as if to say “Hey, what is happening now?”

They all ended up on a stretch of road that Tawnee had promised herself they would never drive on again. A windy narrow road with a lot of traffic, sharp corners with 15 mph corners, all hanging off a canyon wall. Somewhere close to Auburn.

After they got out of the windy canyon Jason spotted something that is a rare sight these days: a pay phone booth. Almost as rare as a watering trough for carriage horses alongside the road.

The 3rd stop was to pick up two very sweet young geldings who’s owner was no longer able to afford to feed them. He made the hard choice, but the right choice, and reached out for help.

Both of these horses were born on his property and it was hard to see them go. Knowing that they have a brighter future ahead of t
hem, a future where food will not be a problem, was comforting.

The 4th stop of the day as at Placer County Animal Services.

Magic had been waiting for a spot at the rescue for quite some time. He had a long court case but was finally cleared for adoption. Then he had to wait for a spot at the rescue so he could come in to find his forever home.

Placer County Animal Services certainly has their act together when it comes to critters besides dogs and cats. They actually are the first Animal Control we have ever been to that has a beautiful barn dedicated to horses. They have a nice horse trailer with panels on the side. They are ready! Besides horses they also have a lot of chickens at their shelter along with two goats that need a home. We would like to thank Placer County Animal Services for reaching out to all animals in their county, not just dogs and cats. Way to go Placer County, we love you guys!

Magic was a good boy and loaded without too much fuss. He’s 19 years old and we are told he is trained to ride. He is an Arab gelding who is ready to find that perfect forever home.

Driving away Tawnee couldn’t help but get a picture of their barn. Come on Animal Control’s (especially Nevada County Animal Control) you can do it just like Placer County. More Animal Control’s need to get their act together and reach out to all animals in their community, not just dogs and cats.

Finally it was time for the long drive back to the rescue. It was just that time of day when the sun shines through your window just so and makes visibility tough.

But it made up for it with a beautiful sunset.

Jason and Tawnee were shocked to see Las Flores (their driveway) blocked with a couple giants trucks. PG & E was working on the power-line, but thankfully they were able to move their rigs within a couple minutes and let them through to the rescue. That was a first.

They horses were glad to get out of the trailer and into waiting stalls.

Even little Jonathan, who had never left the property where he was born 36 years ago was happy to get out of the trailer and march on into the Mare Motel. He looked a little sleepy though.

Tawny was happy to have his companion there. It is important for animals that have been together for a long time to have each other to lean upon in new situations.

Finally everyone was in a stall and eating yummy hay. Tucked in safely for the night.

A huge thank you goes to Pamela M. and Teresa L. for their generous donations today! We couldn’t rescue horses like these wonderful ones today without your support.

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