We have some very exciting news for this blog: a very generous person has offered to match every donation dollar for dollar to finish off the well fundraiser, if we can raise the needed funds by the 11th. That means we only need to raise $1,640 for the well by the 11th to finish paying for the well! Every dollar donated will be automatically doubled in the thermometer. Please make it happen, click here.

This adorable little baby was rescued only days old from a feedlot in Nevada in 2006 . His mother was bound for slaughter, and he was just a “worthless” byproduct. Thankfully we were able to save both of them from that terrible fate.

Today he is a beautiful boy who you would never know was a rejected byproduct of the horse slaughter industry. What a gorgeous boy he has become! His adopter is very proud of him and has watched him grow from the baby he was when she first adopted him to a beautiful majestic horse.

This morning it was time to move all the horses around that came in last night to make them more comfortable at the rescue. The two young geldings were put in a larger pen where they could walk around and stretch their legs. Chip and Lou are such sweet guys, they just need more food!

The exciting part of the day was when Tawnee got Tawny and Jonathan ready for their trip to their forever home at Home at Last. They are just such adorable elderly buddies.

The trailer was hooked up to rescue rig for the quick trip to Home at Last.

Jonathan and Tawny got their first look at their new home. Their eyes were big and full of excitement.

While at Home at Last Tawnee got to see some of the adorable little goats that were rescued from the livestock auction. Tawnee says she’ll never forget rescuing 50 newborn goats at one time. Quite the moment of insanity, but she says she would do it again if needed.

Home at Last is also home to two of the calves that were rescued at livestock auctions too. Thanks Home at Last for opening your sanctuary up to so many animals in need of a home.

On the way back to the rescue Tawnee stopped in at the vet and saw the little goat who received Mr T’s blood transfusion. He is still very sick but doing better and has a much better appetite.

A quick stop at the Post Office reveled some great mail. We would like to thank those that send back the pre-addressed envelopes that come in your “Thank you” cards with a donation inside. Every donation is greatly appreciated, setting up the new rescue facility makes every penny scream as loud as it can.

The minute Tawnee got back to the rescue Jason and Alex headed out to pick up a couple horse shelters for the new facility. We were offered an amazing deal on 2 12′ x 12′ shelters at only $325 each. These normally cost at least $1,000 each. What a deal!

The shelters were put up together, but they can also be assembled apart as two separate shelters.

Jason and Alex got right to work unbolting the shelters. In almost no time at all they were flat on the ground and being loaded up.

Soon the shelters were neatly stacked in the trailer ready for the trip.

It was dark when the new shelter was unloaded and stacked up ready to be set up.

Many thanks to Josh W., Gail G., Yvonne P., Patricia F., John & Anna P., Taryn M., Jeffrey W. for their extremely generous donations today. Please remember that the well donations are doubled!

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