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Jason headed out to check on an anonymous report of horse abuse and to see Spring Bo. As he was following this mobile home he wished that it was heading to the new facility. On site staff housing for the safety and comfort of the horses is important for the long term plan of the property, but it was not happening today.

It’s been awhile since any of our immediate staff have seen Spring Bo, but we have eyes on him daily. The reports from the volunteers have been that he is improving. Jason could hardly believe his eyes or the telephoto lens: he is doing amazing! It is quite interesting what some good food can do in less than a month. It is clear that all Spring Bo needed was food, making it equally clear that his owner is an abusive owner who was sitting there drinking beer daily in the local bar letting his horse starve to death because “he is old.” We are so thankful our protest, calls and efforts were effective and he is getting fed every day now. We still feel that it is extremely important that Jim Martin is held responsible for the abuse and neglect he has inflicted on several other horses, and on Spring Bo. The only reason he is bothering to feed Spring Bo is because of all the ruckus that we caused. It is sad that no criminal charges have been filed and that this abusive owner sits back and lets others pay to feed his horse for him. If you can’t care for your horse, and let it starve practically to death, you should not own it! Why is there a reward system in place in Nevada County to keep animals in abusive homes?

This was Spring Bo less than 1 month ago. In his owners words “It’s the facts of life, this is what happens, horses get old, they go down, then you do’em in.”

We had an anonymous report of more horse abuse in Nevada County. Jason drove by and did not see any horses (they may have been tipped off we were on the way) but they did have some scraggly looking goats. It will be interesting to see if there are horses at this location in the future. If there are, and they are as bad as we are told, will Nevada County Animal Control do their job or will they shirk their responsibility once again?

The camera was missing in action for a large part of the day, but that is what cell phone camera’s, video camera’s, etc are for. Jason is so pleased to report that our friends at Butte County Public Works have graded Dunstone once again. It always makes it so nice! It will make the move easier without all of the potholes. As soon as the pump is in the well, the horses are moving.
This afternoon a gentleman came out to see the horses. He is interested in adopting a couple for pasture pets. He lives near the rescue and wants to give a good home to a couple older horses so they can hang out and spend their days. He has a beautiful 5 acre pasture. He met all of the available horses and decided that Ace and Button were the lucky two horses that will be going home! We have been trying to find them homes since June of 2009, and we are so excited that they can go home together. He is going to have his pasture mowed down so the grass isn’t so high, and they should be going home on the 18th.
Today we listed a couple items on eBay. Attention Parelli fans, we have a couple items just for you! The first item is Parelli Natural Partnership Level 1, the complete kit. It is starting at 1 cent, free shipping, so jump right in! Click here. The second item is Pat Parelli’s Trouble Free Trailer Loading training DVD. It is also 1 cent, click here. You may wonder why it does not have the eBay Giving Works information. As the rescue is a seller on eBay, it is cheaper to not use Giving Works and just collect the money directly. Odd how that works, but it sure seems to be that way.

Many thanks to: Sheri B., Carla G., Lance A., Katie G., Josh W., Marilyn R., Michael B., Tabitha T., Rhonda L., Sea Horse Training, Show Dressed Up., Heidi J., Cindy M., Yvonne W., Susan P., Bandit Blue, Select Enterprises, Diane P., Elin K., Scott D., Kirsten P., Lois I., Sharon H., Paula R. for donating today!

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