We cannot possibly yell “Thank you!” loud enough to everyone that donated what they could to finish the well fundraiser today! Even a little bit more than was needed came in that will help purchase pipes, fitting, hoses, etc for getting water from the well to the pens. Thank you thank you thank you!

Napoleon and Phoenix got their old home back today. They had been moved to another location to escape the mud, but with a little grass seed and some warm weather, their home is nice and green. They sure are loving the green grass!

The babies had some visitors today. They always love visitors and they really wish someone would go ahead and adopt them. What adorable quarter-ponies!

Volunteer Rachel and her parents came out to visit the rescue today. Jason already had all the chores done so he couldn’t get them to shovel any manure, but they really enjoyed visiting the horses and especially the babies.

Our hay guys showed up with a great load of nice yummy hay today. Jason remembers the days when he would have to go get the hay, unload it, stack it up, then feed it all by himself. It’s such a blessing that not only do they have the cheapest good quality hay around, they deliver and hand stack it too.

About this time at the vet office 2 recently gelded horses were heading home. Thanks to our gelding program there are fewer stallions in this world.

We had a lovely horse named Freddy surrendered today. He is a 12 year old trained to ride QH gelding. His owner was no longer able to keep him, but loved him dearly. It really broke her heart to give him up.

Freddy settled right in. He is such a gorgeous boy! He used to be a rodeo bucking horse at one time, but thankfully when his bucking career was over someone stepped forward to retrain him and he is now a nice riding horse. He prefers women we are told.

They also visited all the horses at the rescue to give each one some love and attention.
This is a very generous family. They read our blog every day and absolutely love and support what we are doing. She wanted to help, but did not have a lot of extra cash. So instead of cash she donated…

…3 very fine rings. We are going to have them appraised, but the one on the right was appraised at about $2,700 about 7 years ago. She is hoping that the sale of the jewelry can really help out. We are sure it will!

This alien looking character is not the yeti they discovered in China, it is Macho Man! His winter coat is flying off of him, and you can easily see where he has walked by the trail of puffs of hair falling on the ground behind him as he strolls around. Most of the horses are shedding all of a sudden, spring must officially be here.

At the Post Office there was a very lovely envelope. It contained 21, $100 bills, and exactly how many stamps we were planning on purchasing to send out Thank-You cards: 300. Thank you so much Susan! We’ve heard horror stories of cash being sent in the mail, but we are extremely grateful for this very generous donation. Cashiers checks or personal checks are a much safer way to send money through the mail.

We were going to feature this eBay item tonight, but it sold locally and they sent $125 through Paypal! Thank you so much Raul.

Linda has painted a very cute picture of Parcy that she is selling. She is starting the bidding at $45, please contact us if you would like more information.

Many thanks to Anonymous, Susan M., Raul C., Howard N., Pamela D., Bonnie W. for their very generous donations today. We couldn’t do it without you!

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