As we announced on Friday the rescue was closed Sunday to visitors and we also did not write a blog. It was pouring rain most of the day and not a lot was scheduled to happen. One person was at the gate wanting to see some horses. Tawnee was heading out, but had a minute to take her back to show the horses. She fell in love with Emma and Emily and put a hold on them. Hopefully her adoption application goes through and they can go home together: sisters forever.

Tawnee was heading off to a horse auction. She found it comforting that the operators want the names of all the killer buyers as they assured Tawnee they will not let them bid. We are still concerned about horse traders. Sitting the audience Tawnee heard some people talking about drugging horses you buy there, and then selling the drugged horse to someone you don’t like. Definitely not in the best interest of the horse! We appreciate that this auction is trying to make efforts to take cautionary steps against killer buyers. Time will tell.

Kathy, Aimee, April and Larry headed out early Sunday morning to pick up a horse that was being surrendered. Their notes are: “Regent is a 24 year old Arabian. He hasn’t been ridden in 2 years. Shown horsemanship for 10 years and ridden western. Original owner since he was 6 months old. Due for shots next month. Was wormed and feet done 3/2010. Owner had to surrender due to personal injuries to self. Regent is a good all around horse and just needs a refresher.”

Regent was happily waiting in the barn as it was pouring rain outside.

Soon the trailer was there for him and he had to brave the rain, muddle puddles and wet hair to make it in the trailer for the ride back to the rescue.

Soon they were back at the rescue and Aimee unloaded Regent into a waiting stall. He is such a sweet boy and we hope he will find a lovely home soon.

This morning after all the chores were done and they looked around, Jason and Tawnee were nowhere to be seen and 6 of the horses were missing, along with the big trailer and the rescue rig. Where could they be off to? From the picture it looks like they headed off to Nevada with the cold, snowy mountains.

Jason and Tawnee actually left the rescue yesterday and headed out to a layover ranch as they were on a big trip and the horses would need a resting area. This morning Little Big Red (not shown), Stretch, Fooler, Heavy Duty, Button and Ace were enjoying the grass at the layover ranch. But where was the final destination?

The truth was, they were not in Nevada at all, in no time they were going through the concrete jungle know as LA. The snow that in the picture above was taken going up and over the Grapevine from Bakersfield to LA. Tawnee chuckled when she saw the picture because it looked just like Nevada.

After 14 hours of driving yesterday and today, they all arrive at the beautiful Blue Apple Ranch.

The horses looked and looked with amazement. One of the most beautiful places they have ever seen in their lives. Knowing they will be able to live there must just be so exciting for them, it sure is for us! Looking at their eyes, it was plain to tell they knew they had arrived.

The truck and trailer pulled up to the beautiful waiting stalls.

Soon they were being unloaded and put into a waiting stall. Ace and Button got to stay together as they are best buddies.

Stretch was also very happy to get out. She was wide eyed with excitement.

This is the final placement of all of the Clint Ritchie horses! It has taken almost a year, but now every horse is in its final home. There were 34 horses that we were asked to help place, and it is so wonderful that they are safe now.
Little Big Red settled right in. We will really miss all of these precious horses, but we feel that Clint Ritchie would be very pleased knowing all his horses are safe.

Many thanks to Sara H., Lee E., Debra S., Ken M., Anonymous, Judith H., Lee E., Kristen D., Denise S., Claudia S., Danielle C., Margaret B., Pat B., Donna A., William E., Marilyn R., for their extremely generous donations over the weekend! We could not do it all without your support, thank you again.

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