Due to technical problems at the rescue today we are unable to post updates about today’s events, but would like to share a great update we received from a lovely adopter about 2 very lucky horses: Cameron and Goose.

“Cameron, now known and shown under the name Newcastle is truly an amazing horse! He’s the big 17H Danish Warmblood that you rescued from the auction almost a year ago. His 17th birthday is tomorrow and we all can’t imagine life without him. He has settled in so nicely, he will be shown this season by a 13 y.o. advanced beginner in Hunter Classes. Our first Pony Club Schooling Show is next week, and we are so excited. I contacted the Danish Warmblood Society and was able to get some of his show records in Europe, which were very impressive! All the kids adore him, and this past week when one of our lesson ponies had to take a vacation due to a bad stone bruise (we’ve had lots of rain), Newki stepped up and helped out by doing some beginner kids lessons. Anytime the kids dropped the reins or their stirrups, he would stop as if to ask, “are you ok up there?” They just LOVED him, and he truly loved all the attention from the 6,7 and 8 year olds. He would pick his normally heavy feet up all the way up because he knew the kids couldn’t, and always kept his head down to their level, he knew they were itty bitty. My husband attributes this to Newki being his horse, lol. But I attribute it to him being such an AMAZING and loving horse, thank you Jason and Tawnee!

“Goose is going well, we’ve finally pin-pointed the source of his pain, and with daily stretching, he gets weekly massage and laser therapy, and once every 6 weeks, he gets an adjustment by the chiro. We have a new barefoot trimmer coming to the island tomorrow who will be working with him from here on out. His old Farrier was a bit hard headed and refused to take my advice, so we switched. The Farrier kept trimming him for a shoe, instead of leaving some of the calloused sole for a barefoot trim, thus leaving his feet flat as a plate and barefoot. It’s taken 2+ months to “fix” what the previous farrier did. But the hope is that by next week he will be back in regular work, and in a month or 2 will be back to an intermediate lesson horse. We had a Pro trainer come out to our Ranch, Randy Reiman. He really liked Goose and gave us lots of advice for helping Goose learn to trust his rider again. A slow road, but well worth it!”

“We are now looking for a new addition to the family. Any help you can give us in our quest to find our next addition is always appreciated!” We would like to thank these wonderful folks a huge ‘Thank you!’ for giving Goose and Newcastle such a wonderful home and for wanting to open their home to another rescue horse that desperately needs a home.
Here are a couple before and after pictures of Newcastle. Newcastle was rescued from Roseville Livestock Auction. Tawnee was bidding against KB’s and they wanted him for obvious reasons, but Tawnee won the bid thanks to your support.
Today he is such a beautiful horse and enjoying life with such a caring and loving family.

Goose was rescued also rescued from Roseville Livestock Auction as a skinny TB no one else really wanted.
Today as you can see he has really blossomed and is greatly enjoying life as all horses deserve to do.

We love you two and we are so thankful that you are able to spend the rest of your life on the beautiful islands of Hawaii.

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