We have a very exciting opportunity, that has less than 24 hours to be completed. This is not a normal blog as Jason and Tawnee are still on the road and unable to update the website for this very urgent fundraiser that needs to be finished by 10:00 am on 4-15. For updates on this fundraiser please go to our Facebook page, as the thermometer on this blog will not be able to be updated. Click here.
This is the first major fundraising for horse improvements at the new facility.

Last year EQ-Wine Covers Foundation generously donated an 18×18 steel shelter. It has been sitting at their business in Paso Robles. On this trip it finally worked with everyones schedules to pick it up. We discussed prices with them on additional shelters, and they reduced the price to only $675 a shelter out the door. The total is only $6075, that will be a total of 10 shelters for the new facility! We are asking you to consider donating the funds to purchase one shelter, $675, which will give you naming rights to that shelter.

We are very excited about this opportunity. It is time to get the facilities up for the horses. The pump arrived yesterday, and it will be installed early next week, but the horses need shelter too. Since there are no trees at the new property it is very important to have artificial shelter for the horses.

Tawnee has been making phone calls, and Jennifer G has generously stepped forward to donate 2 shelters. She is naming one after herself Jennifer Leigh, and one in loving memory of her precious dog, Sammy. We all can make this happen! Please step forward with what you can, even if you cannot donate the funds to purchase an entire shelter, every dollar will really help. We only need $4725 to provide shade and shelter for the horses. We can make it happen! To donate, please click here. If you would like to donate directly through Paypal, our PayPal address is: donate@savethehorse.com.

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