Jason and Tawnee say it’s nice to be out of the hub-bub of the big city and back to normal life. Southern Ca is quite different than small town northern Ca.
First thing this morning all the chores were done as quickly as possible because a huge day was planned. Jason and Tawnee worked hard on the stalls and it was all done by the time volunteers began showing up.

Today was Mack’s big day. His owner who surrendered him to us was no longer able to keep him, but Mack has a bigger story than that. His owner who had originally owned him had been desperately looking for him, wanting him back in their lives. Days before we picked him up they found him at the boarding stable, but were unable to get the owners information. They had asked when they sold Mack that if the new owner was unable to keep him to please let them know, as they would want him back. Through a long chain of events they were able to track him down, waited anxiously for their adoption application to be completed, and today they were able to bring him back into their family.

You could really tell he knew who his mom and dad were. He had a calm, peaceful look to his eye like he knew everything would be all right once again.
Another exciting factor is that he was primarily their daughters horse, and the daughter is away and has no idea that when she comes home that her old show horse will be waiting for her in the barn. Imagine the look on her face! Truly a happy ending.
Lou had an application pending that had been recently approved and his potential mommy came out to meet him. They really fell in love and she can’t wait to continue his rehab and watch him turn into a healthy horse once again.
While visiting they also fell in love with Chip, Lou’s half brother, and are really hoping to be able to bring both of them into their home so they can stay brothers forever. We are really hoping this all works out, they are both heading to the vet for a pre-adoption exam to make sure they are A-OK and ready for adoption.
Jason and Alex had been working hard meanwhile, loading the hay barn into the back of the stock trailer. The hay barn was purchased right about the time we realized that the rescue would not be able to stay at the old location permanently, as we realized that the long bumpy road made it rough on horses, volunteers and visitors. Especially with the well not being able to keep up with the water demands, it was decided that the hay barn would not be built until a permanent location could be located. As you know, the permanent location has been purchased and it is time to start getting buildings erected!

The staff and volunteers hit the road and started driving to the new property, with Jason and Tawnee in the lead pulling the large trailer. Jason rounded a corner, and in the shadows they both saw something. Jason slammed on the brakes…
…a poor terrified puppy was laying right in the middle of the road, trying to stay cool. When they went around the corner they almost hit her! She was so frightened. She ran off the road and waited her fate, whatever that may be.
This is not the first time we have come across abandoned dogs. It makes us sick that people simply throw away their animals. There was not only the puppy, there was another dog as well.
Soon both dogs were in loving arms and felt safe.
They are the first rescued animals at the new property. It wasn’t planned, but it is the way it turned out. They were both so thirsty and dived right into the water bowl.
There is a lot to be done, we have plans prepared for how the property is going to be laid out. The property was measured so we knew where to unload the different structures in the big stock trailer.
Jason and Alex got right to work unloading all the heavy steel. There was about 8,000 lbs of steel to be unloaded from the back of the trailer.
Larry decided that the black dog, a male lab/pit mix, should be named Chance and the golden retriever puppy, female, should be named Hope. They are good names and seem to fit. They both enjoyed frolicking around in the beautiful grass.
Meanwhile shelters and barns, poles and roofing, were being unloaded and unloaded and unloaded… But finally, the last piece the shelters was being unloaded. Shortly after Jason and Alex collapsed in the shade. Poor guys. What will they do when it is 110 degrees?
Back at the old rescue, Hope and Chance were settled into their new quarters. They are going to the vet ASAP to get checked out. They both need to be spayed and neutered before they can find new homes. We don’t have a doggy rescue fund, so any help would be greatly appreciated!
The big trailer was unhooked and the little trailer was hooked up for the late afternoons events.

Tawnee and April headed out to pick up a horse that needed to be surrendered.

They found a poor thin gelding who was in a lot of pain. He was really suffering, you could really see it in his eyes.

Most of his hair had fallen out of his body as well, making his gaunt frame look even worse.
His hooves are long and overgrown. His tendons are painfully inflamed from the awkward position he is forced to walk, due to his uncared for hooves.
The lady who owned him was trying to get him out of a bad situation. She didn’t know much about horses but wanted to try to help him. The lady she had gotten him from had decided she didn’t need him anymore and was going to shoot him if she didn’t find someone to take him. The lady she had gotten him from was riding him, and said that if you walked him on the pavement it would trim his feet. Just give him a little Bute sometimes. The lady didn’t think this was right so she saved him from his abusive owner before he got shot. Tawnee and April agreed: this horse was in so much pain he could barely move. Whoever this person is that thought it was OK to ride this horse in such condition and pain is beyond belief.
Tawnee gently led him to the waiting trailer. He loaded like such a good boy, it’s always so sad when horses have been abused in such a terrible way, and yet, they are so willing to trust again.
It was a long drive back to the rescue.
Charles was a good boy. He rode just fine, but no doubt was happy when the trip was over. He was given pain medication to make the trip more comfortable, which really seemed to help.
Charlie settled right into his waiting stall. We are really concerned for this poor guy. We had another horse that had a similar situation to his and his tendons were ruined. He would never be able to recover. We will have Charlie examined by our vet to determine the best for him.
Today’s Ebay Giving Works item is a Breyerfest 2009 Party Time Porcelain Shire, 1 of 700. It is only $200.00 and 15% of the sale price goes to help the horses at the rescue! To view this item, click here.
Many thank to our wonderful donors who support the rescue financially! Jennifer S. and Sheri B. donated to make rescues like todays a reality.

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