A lot was done today, but Jason has been under the weather a bit and has over 101 degree fever. Please understand the briefness of the blog.
Our Euthanasia Clinic is this Wednesday. We have been so busy with setting up the new property that the date has sneaked up on us. We have people lined up who are unable to afford the low cost fee that covers the euthanasia feed. The rescue is really stretched financially right now and we could really use your help to provide this last gift. Please remember that all horses that come into the clinic are given a quality of life and adoptability exam by our vet and staff. If they are adoptable and have a good quality of life, they come into our adoption exam for a great chance to find a forever home. If you can help, please click here.

This morning Tawnee delivered Emily and Emma to their new home. They were both excited they just looked and looked.

This is Emma and Emily’s front yard, isn’t it beautiful? The pond is year round and they plan on letting the girl spend a lot of time playing in the water.
Their other horse has been so lonely since his buddy has gone off to training. He is so surprised to have 2 adorable baby girls as his neighbors
Jason, Larry and Alex had been out all morning collecting supplies for the well. The well was starting to be set up.

We are so thankful for all of your donations that made this beautiful pump possible that will pump thousands of gallons of clean clear water for the rescued horses.

Finally everything was ready and down the well the pump went. It was so exciting!

The final adjustments were made and it was ready to go.

It was plugged into the generator, plugged it in, and wow! The water really started pouring out. So much water it is hard to believe.
What an amazing accomplishment, the well and pump are in!
Next was to get a temporary place for volunteers to spend a night or two at a time to keep an eye on the horses to make sure they are all doing good. In the excitement of it all people even volunteered to spend time out there to make sure nothing disappears.
The trailer was so nice looking set up on the property. It is so exciting that so much is being set up so quickly! Soon the horses will grace the new property.
This is a beautiful view from the rescue property.
Many thanks to our wonderful donors who support us both financially and emotional. Cristy N. for donated to help the rescue today!

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