Dear Friends of NorCal Equine Rescue,

NorCal Equine Rescue has come so far since our founders rescued that first horse from an auction back in 2003. Since that seemingly insignificant day so long ago, over 1,200 horses, ponies, minis, mules and donkeys have come through our open gate and into our loving hearts.

During the last few years you have seen NorCal Equine Rescue grow from that humble beginning into an
amazing organization that has done so much in the lives of horses. We have so many diverse programs to help horses that are suffering or have a good potential of ending up in a horrible situation. One of these programs was a pioneer program that had never been done before in the entire world. The name NorCal Equine Rescue quickly spread. News reporters drove for hours to cover the story, and we were seen in most of the major horse magazines and on television stations across the United States and beyond. Many large veterinarian hospitals, Animal Control Agencies, Humane Societies, rescues, other organizations and individuals began contacting us requesting information on how to start similar programs in their local area. That program was the Free Euthanasia Clinic for horses, a program to prevent them from being abandoned, abused, neglected and the brutal trip to slaughter if their owners could no longer keep them. Auctions were no longer the only option. That day NorCal Equine Rescue stepped up and said “There are other options then slaughter for unwanted horses.” Since we forged the way, hundreds of other organizations have followed in our steps and began offering euthanasia as
the last gift instead of turning those horses away. Humane euthanasia is truly the last gift of kindness for those horses instead of turning a blind eye as if they never existed as they are trucked off to slaughter.

The name NorCal Equine Rescue has been seen and heard on Animal Planet, TV stations, radio stations, magazines, newspapers and so much more. But all that is about to change. Now with a new facility it is time for a new name and a larger outreach.

NorCal Equine Rescue is transforming into a Humane Society for horses and we need your help in choosing the new name. Since we will soon be a Humane Society many things will be changing, but our core beliefs will still be the same: doing what we can to alleviate suffering for as many horses we can. A Humane Society will give us more legal authority and we will employ several Humane Officers, with the same legal authority as Animal Control officers, SPCA officers, and other Humane Society officers. So many Animal Control agencies are overburdened with small animal issues and are unable or unwilling to reach out to the horses in their community. We are tired of having our hands legally tied when it comes to helping horses that are being legally abused. Everyone here at NorCal Equine Rescue feels it is time to take the next step.

The name is very important and we need you ideas. We do not want to be geographically limited in our name, as we rescue far beyond northern California, “NorCal” is no longer relevant to our name. Equine is an excellent identifier of which kinds of animals we rescue, but unfortunately many people are unfamiliar with the term “equine” and are confused as to what it means. Equine must be replaced with horse. Rescue will be replaced with Humane Society. Another important aspect of the name is it must sound official and authoritative.

An example of the kinds of names we are not looking for are “Happy Carrots Humane Society,” “Green Acres
Humane Society” or “NorCal Equine Humane Society of Oroville.”

There are three words that need to be in the name: “Horse, Humane, Society” not necessarily in that
order. We can have up to 4-5 words, particularly if the acronym is pleasing, so please contact us with your suggestions! It is you, our supporters, who have enabled NorCal Equine Rescue to become what it is
today, and we want you to continue being an integral part of what it is to become.

We have several contact options:


Jason & Tawnee Preisner, founders

PS – We value each and every suggestion, but please understand we will be unable to personally reply to each one.

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