We would like to thank everyone for sending in their thoughts and suggestions for the new name. We are so excited about all of your enthusiasm for this next step. We have a poll up of the top 9 suggestions, and we would love to hear your opinion of the best name. To view the poll, click here. After Monday the voting stats will be considered by our board in determining the new name.

Much of the week has been spent preparing for the move, and today was the big day! Volunteers have been hard at work for days, and finally the last panels were being bolted together. They waited with anticipation for the horses.

Finally Jason and Tawnee arrived with both trailers full of horses. The horses no doubt were wondering where they were going.

And then the big moment we have been waiting for: Chip stepped out of the trailer onto the new facility. The very first horse!

He was led over into the pen where he looked around with amazement at the wide open spaces and yummy green grass.

Horse after horse got out of the trailers and were led to their pens. You could see the amazement in their faces.

Then the fun began! Horses started prancing with glee.

Soon they were running and galloping with joy with the wind whipping through their manes!

Finally they started settling down and enjoying the beautiful grass. Some of them just had to lay down and bask in the sun.

What a wonderful gift you have given these wonderful horses. This 20 acre facility is truly a blessing that will be there for thousands of horses to come.

While the horses were settling in Jason and Larry were finishing up a couple things on the watering system.

The generator started and the very first water trough was beginning to fill. We can’t wait for the solar panels to arrive and have free water!

The water system is really unbelievable. Within a few minute 4 water troughs were filled along with over 300 gallons into the holding tank. Wow! Two hoses were going full blast and water pouring into the tank. There is so much water that two hoses literally cannot handle it all.

Once again we would like to thank each and every one of you that made this possible. Without your help, the rescue would still be back 5 miles of terrible dirt road, down a steep hill that many vehicles cannot make it back up, we would be making plans to haul water from the river just to give water to the horses. Thank you, thank you thank you!

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